golf cartWhether you’re using a golf cart on the golf course or for something else, it will be a huge headache if your cart stops in the middle of the road all of a sudden. It will not only be inconvenient to get the golf cart back to your home but you’ll also struggle to figure out what’s wrong with the vehicle.

Although there are many reasons why your golf cart Myrtle Beach suddenly stopped working, the most common reason is battery problems. Rather than waiting to encounter something like this, you can do regular checks on the battery and monitor signs that may indicate that it’s time for a new golf cart battery.

Signs That You Need a New Golf Cart Battery

The golf cart battery isn’t charging properly.

When the golf cart battery becomes older, it takes a lot longer to charge. If you have noticed that it’s taking a long time to fully charge your golf cart battery, then you probably need to get a new one.

Your golf cart battery is running out of charge quickly.

Just like the first point, an old battery won’t last long like it used to. If you’re used to enjoy six hours of riding your golf cart, but now you’re only getting three hours, then you should consider getting a new golf cart battery.

Your golf cart accelerates slowly.

Golf cart batteries that are worn-out doesn’t work well compared to a new one. In most cases, it means the battery is losing power and accelerates slower than it used to. This sluggish behaviour or the golf cart battery’s inability to deal with even small hills could be a sure sign that the battery is dying.

The battery has physical damage.

Open the compartment of the battery and check for physical damages. Old batteries will begin to bulge, warp, and crack over time. They may also begin to leak or start to separate from where they’re linked to the terminal. If you notice a leak, stop using the golf cart right away until you can get a new battery.

The golf cart battery is past its warranty.

Just like a car battery, a golf cart rental battery comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers it in case the battery dies even if it’s still new. Check your golf cart battery and find the warranty end date. If you are well past it and you are encountering the issues listed above, then it’s is time to get a new golf cart battery.

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