golf cartsYou need to have a golf cart rental if you plan to spend a day on the greens especially when the distance between the holds is no longer a stroll but a trek. But golf carts may also be important for several other aspects in your life. They are mobile, light in weight, energy efficient, and can drive on the terrain where full sized vehicles can’t. These include the winding sidewalks in your vacation home. A turf vehicle, your personal limo, golf cars, or whatever you want to call it, golf carts is a kind of transportation that can do much more than just shorten play time as you work on your golf stroke.

So when do you need golf carts if you are not on a golf course?

The possibilities are endless. There are several reasons why you need one of these vehicles. Custom golf carts are not just for golf courses but for other purposes as well.

Gastro Business

Apart from food trucks and the traditional lemonade stands, you also have the hospitality vehicle. In case you have been to New York and saw the several blue and yellow Sabrett hot dog stands that are on the streets and in Central Park, guess what they are – golf carts that were transformed into hospitality hot spots. Add an umbrella, an oversized on board storage, water drain system, or an excellent refreshment center. You will have your very own gastro business on wheels. Of course, you can offer anything not just pretzels and dogs.

Move industrial or Commercial Clients

This is the job of transportation vehicles. They bring you to your destination. It can carry up to seven of your clients. This is common in airports, zoos, resorts, and condo complexes. You may pick a model that can only seat up to four or choose one that can cater up to eight people. You also have the option to choose between a gas or electric golf cart and decide whether you wish to go with a classic golf cart or a more eco-friendly variation.

For Golf Course Maintenance

Perhaps you are managing an estate or a golf course. Maybe you have landscapers or perhaps maintenance workers who require heavy hauling to move turf, mulch, and etc. across the acres. Use a golf cart Myrtle Beach.

Go Mobile Again

Don’t like wheelchairs because they are limiting and confining? Maybe you need a trendy residential vehicle that can get you from one place to another in your community? Go with a golf cart. It offers strength and comfort.

Get The Job Done

Do you have utility workers that have to haul supplies to a certain area but not in a golf course? Use golf carts. These utility vehicles can be used in different industrial and construction sites. You can choose from different models and you will surely find one that meets your needs.

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