Whether you are driving your golf car on perfectly smooth roads or well-landscaped golf courses, you  still may prefer to have the standard lift included in the golf car (whether brand-new or pre-owned). These sets usually give you a comfortable ride throughout the fairway.

However, if you utilize your golf cart as a functional piece of equipment on a farm or if you have a landscape business or use it as guest transport, you could improve your ride by including a lift kit and larger and stronger tires. It should also be designed to withstand rougher off road surfaces.

Types of Golf Car Lift Kits

Today, we’ll take a look at the various kinds of golf cart lift kits so that you will be able to choose the best one for you.

  1. A-Arm sets

These call for extra time to mount because they essentially change your golf cart’s front suspension but they provide a more comfortable trip and bigger tires. If you choose Heavy-Duty-style A-Arm lift kits, you will also get an additional circular-tubing framework to provide your golf cart the strength, which it needs to handle serious off-road surface. Golf carts even get a new look you will surely enjoy.

  1. Dropdown axle lift sets

These are usually described as the cheaper alternative for lift kits. The drop down axle lift kit changes your fundamental front axle with a “drop axle” style, which will certainly extend your axle elevation, enabling you to change your front axle while maintaining your supply pins as is. Drop down axle lift sets are less costly compared to pin lift kits but need more time to set-up the A-arm set.

  1. Drop spindle lift set

This type of lift kit is the most preferred among all lift kit types because of its convenient set-up and affordability. They are able to deal with the typical suspension included in a lot of golf carts which is best for the DIY-types.

They change as well as enhance your cart’s pin size and its side– providing you a broader position for enhanced security. It also allows you to fit bigger tires on your golf cart. Essentially, if you had your eye on a collection of customized tires but they simply do not fit on your golf cart, this type of lift kit is the best solution.

  1. Block Lift Kits

These type of lift kits have a fast and very easy installation to offer an immediate increase in elevation. Block-shaped steel items are included under your standard suspension, lifting you up by around 4 inches. The advantage of this lift kit is that it is an affordable alternative, yet they provide just one level alternative and less adaptability compared to other lift kits.

What Should You Take Into Consideration When Selecting A Lift Package?

Best Golf Cars recommends that clients consider the following factors when determining which elevation or design of lift package is ideal for them:

  • Preferred ride height will define how tall you prefer your seat to be positioned
  • Position size will define if your chosen custom-made tires need a larger position in your cart
  • Various other modifications can likewise include additional seats or a cargo bed
  • Wheel and tire dimension– do you have a preferred tire or are you seeking assistance?

As soon as you have actually taken these factors into account, you are in a good place to start your DIY project. If you are not the DIY type, you can always go to the nearest golf cart store in Myrtle Beach.


Call Best Golf Cars in Myrtle Beach to know which golf cart lift kit is best for you.

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