golf cartGolf carts are popular options when it comes to short distance transportation within communities. Having said that, being able to find golf cart parts and accessories have become increasingly important as well.

Stereos are a crucial part of the commuting experience when riding regular vehicles. This also applies to golf carts Myrtle Beach. Below is a guide on how to find the best stereo for you and your golf cart.

Guide to Golf Cart Stereos

Stereos are widely available in different sizes and styles. They also have varying installation modalities to match your personal preferences. You will also find golf cart stereos that come with modern technology such as remote control access, voice, and Bluetooth.

Installation Options – Having your car stereo installed properly is different from all its other features like colors, design, and size. This is especially true when you want to install the stereo on your own. There are two installation types you need to know.

  1. Overhead stereo installation
  2. Dashboard installation

Speakers and Amplifiers – another key components of the computing experience are speakers and amplifiers. Amplifiers are important for the sound and performance of your stereo system. Meanwhile, speakers help in delivering quality sound.

Generally speaking, the specification that you have to focus on is the wattage. The higher the wattage, the better the sound quality you will get. It also means it will need more energy from the battery since more watts also mean more power needed to provide the quality sound. So think of the quality of your battery if you would like to choose stereos with higher wattage amplifiers.

For the speakers, you have to keep in mind that this part of your golf cart stereo system will probably be exposed to various elements because of the indoor outdoor design of the majority of golf carts. Given that, aside from searching for top quality sound, it’s also crucial to consider durability when shopping for speakers. As a general rule, speakers that make use of sealed features as well as rust proof hardware such as marine stereos, are excellent options.

Power Source and Battery – you need electricity or battery to power your stereo system. As you take into account the features such as speakers, amplifiers, and Bluetooth, you also need to know that they take out power from your batteries. It is important to deliver power evenly to make sure that your batter will last as long as it could. Stereos that are integrated with features that draw only on at least one battery would force the latter to work harder to compensate, possibly leading to failing batteries.

The Cost – just like all components and features, the cost of the stereo system for your custom golf cart depends on several factors.

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