Vacation Rentals Golf Carts Myrtle BeachTires are an important part of vacation rental golf cart. They should be properly taken care of and well maintained to ensure smooth and efficient performance of your golf carts. It is important to ensure you and your family’s safety when riding golf carts, especially considering you are not the only family who has used them. There are two basic aspects of tire maintenance in golf carts – choosing the right tread and changing tires.

Choosing tire treads for your vacation rentals golf carts

There are different types of treads available to golf carts. Most of them are added to customize the look of your cart but others are added for an added safety feature. It is important to think about your purpose for changing the tread of your golf carts to help you easily choose the most suitable type of tread for your needs.

Also, it helps if you know something about the general types of tire treads and their specific purposes. Best Golf Cars will provide you with all the information that you need about golf carts tire treads and assist you in choosing the most suitable one depending on the type of cart that you have and your needs.

In addition to this, you should also remember that the type of tread that you will use for your golf cart will depend on the local rules and regulations in your area for driving golf carts. This includes where you are allowed to drive your golf carts and the speed limits in the areas where you are allowed to use golf carts.

Here is some basic information on the common types of tire treads for golf carts:

  • Saw tooth – This is the most common type of tread, possibly because of the good traction that it offers, thus making golf carts very safe. This type of tire tread does not cause damage to grass so it is safe to be used in many golf clubs. It also helps increase the lifespan of your golf cart tires. As a result, you save money from frequently replacing worn out tires.
  • Ribbed – Although this type of tread does not offer that much traction, it is still considered safe for use in many golf clubs and neighborhoods because of its easy rolling features and it does not cause damage to grass.
  • Sand – If you plan to use your golf cart in sand, this is the best type of tire tread for you. However, you should note whether or not you are allowed to drive your golf carts in the sandy areas of your neighborhood before buying this type of tire tread.
  • Turf – This is the type of tread for you if you plan on using your golf cart solely in golf courses. They have low-impact patterns; thus, these are highly recommended for carts used in golf clubs.

Changing the tires of your Myrtle Beach vacation rentals golf carts

Before using the golf cart while on vacation, be sure to check whether or not its tires are still safe to use. If you need to change them and don’t know how, below are some useful tips. Note, however, that most golf carts have tubeless tires so you will have to remove the tire from the rim first.

  1. Use a small jack to raise the golf cart much like you would do when replacing tires in your car.
  2. Follow the pack instructions which require using a valve stem tool to take off the tire’s valve.
  3. To easily remove the tire from the rim, place the wheel on the floor and push the tire as close to the rim as you can. Continue pushing until the tire detaches from the rim.
  4. If the tire will not come off, you can use a tire iron to help you pry the tire from the rim. You might want to place a cloth between the rim and tire to protect the rim from being scratched or dented by the tire iron.
  5. Wash the rims with soapy water in a spray bottle and a wash cloth before attaching the new set of tires.
  6. You can also use the tire iron to place the new tires to your clean rims.

For professional assistance in maintaining and taking care of your vacation rentals golf carts tires, call Best Golf Cars now.

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