golf cart rentalsVacation rental golf carts are a good investment when visiting the Grand Strand. The primary reason for this is because many vacationers nowadays would rather travel by air to reach their destination spot. To maximize their vacation budget, they prefer to rent vacation rentals that come with its own golf carts.

Why do many people prefer vacation rental golf carts?

Apparently, golf carts are not only popular among those playing golf. It is now being used for different purposes by different individuals. The elderly use it as their primary mode of transportation around the neighborhood. Hunters use it to comb through the forest or their hunting grounds. Owners of parks and zoos use it to allow their staff to be transported from one specific part of the park or zoo to another.

Indeed, the use and importance of golf carts to people and businesses has grown through the years. According to recent reports, here are a couple of the reasons and contributors to the wide popularity of the use of golf carts:

  • Its small size means convenience. Because it is small sized, it is easy for people to use them for various purposes. For example, the lightweight golf cart is certainly easier to maneuver when hunters are going through the forest. Similarly, it is easy for attendants and employees to go around a large facility without having to use a big car. This is especially beneficial if they are only going to stop by in a building to pick up or drop some packages. They do not have to look for a suitable parking space to leave their car.  Vacationers find it easy to get to and from the beach with all of their beach gear.
  • It is eco-friendly. This is probably the top reason why golf carts are popular in senior communities. It allows the elderly to go around the neighborhood any time they want without worrying about polluting the air. The use of golf carts is safe for their health and for the environment, too. 
  • It is comfortable and stylish. For vacation rental owners, including a golf cart in their features truly helps in their marketing and promotions. This is especially true if they opt for a customized golf cart, which can really attract potential renters and vacationers. The great thing about this is that they get to rent a stylish and comfortable golf cart with their rental. And they can use the cart to buy some groceries and supplies or to get to the beach. 

Maintaining vacation rental golf carts 

If you are a rental owner who is also renting golf carts, you should know the basics of its proper maintenance. This is to help you ensure that your golf cart is in an efficient condition always. Moreover, this will help you save on frequent repair costs which can easily get expensive if you are not able to properly maintain your golf carts. Below are some key points that you should remember:

  • Check all filters. Your golf cart has different kinds of filters. Generally, a golf cart has an oil filter, a fuel filter and an air filter. You need to regularly check these filters to see if they need replacement. Keep in mind that these filters are where dirt and debris accumulates, which can eventually clog your golf cart system. Make sure you use the right type of filters depending on the type of your golf cart to replace the clogged ones.
  • Maintain efficient tires. Similarly with any vehicles, it is important to ensure that the tires are in good condition. This will help guarantee the safety of those who will use the golf cart. Basically, you need to maintain the appropriate tread depth for the tires of your golf cart. Confirm with the cart’s manufacturer the tread depth that you need to maintain for your golf cart. Alternatively, you can also bring your golf cart to professionals for assistance.
  • Consider upgrades. This is especially true for vacation rental owners. You want your golf carts to always be in tip top condition. Proper cleaning and regular upkeep are not the only things you should do. You should also consider making upgrades to further improve the usability and appeal of your golf carts. Including these upgrades in your rental marketing and ads could earn you additional inquiries and clients.

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