golf cartIf you want to extend the life of your golf cart, you have to invest in a top quality golf cart battery. Golf cart owners have different questions regarding the functionality of their golf cart. At the core of these questions are the different kinds of golf batteries and how they’re used.

Golf cart Myrtle Beach batteries are available in various categories and differ according to the energy needs. Here are the ones that you need to know.

Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

This is one of the most common types of batteries that are found in a golf cart. They use large separators, thick plates, as well as high density paste material. Generally, a flooded lead acid battery is not sealed and don’t recombine the gases to the liquids internally. They have electrolytes that’s free to move around in the encasement of the battery. If they are charged, the lead plates and battery acid will do the work to store electricity.

Flooded lead acid batteries last longer when maintained regularly. They are easy to troubleshoot.

AGM Lead Acid Batteries

AGM or absorbed glass mat batteries are made differently when compared to the traditional flooded battery. It has a low internal resistance and it could provide high currents when required. It also offers a long lifespan if they have been deep cycled. AGM Batteries benefits include spill proof, long lifespan, and durability.

Gel Lead Acid Batteries

They are much like AGM but they utilize a thick paste rather than fiberglass mat. One noteable difference between AGM batteries and Gel is the charge rate. The former can take care of a higher charge and discharge rates when compared to gel batteries. The latter has a silica type gel where the electrolyte battery is suspended. It allows electrons to move between plates and it won’t leak from the golf cart battery in the event that the case is broken. Gel lead acid batteries are maintenance free, no leaks, and have longer lifespan during extreme weather.

Lithion Ion Batteries

This type of battery has gained recognition over the years. It uses advanced battery technology wherein lithium ion is used as the main component of its electrochemistry. They are known for their longevity. These types of batteries have been the best choice when it comes to rechargeable batteries for almost two decades because they can last around 5000 charge cycles.

When it comes to its benefits, lithion ion batteries have high energy density, low self discharge rate, and low maintenance.

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