golf cartGolf cart batteries are made from lead acid batteries. This type of batteries is similar to those used in regular automobiles. There are 2 primary distinctions between a golf cart battery and the battery in your automobile or vehicle. Initially, golf cart batteries are normally 6-volt batteries as opposed to the 12-volt range you have in your common vehicle. Second, unlike your auto or vehicle battery, a golf cart battery is not recharged as you utilize it. If you consistently use it throughout the day, your golf cart’s battery could drain totally, thus reducing its battery life.

But there are ways in which you can prolong your golf cart battery life so it will last longer and provide you with dependable service

How To Make Your Golf Cart Battery Last Longer

Battery Chargers

Overcharging your golf cart Myrtle Beach batteries might harm them. It is best to make use of an automated golf cart battery charger that automatically turns off when a battery is totally charged. Some older designs lack this vital function. For manual battery chargers, always remember to to turn it off once the battery is all charged up. You could establish an alarm or timer to advise you when charging is done.

  • You can charge your batteries on a daily basis that you make use of an electric golf cart.
  • Never allow a golf cart battery to be completely discharged, there’s greater chance that Lead acid batteries won’t last long
  • Charge the batteries when you have enough time

For your batteries to last longer, take into consideration utilizing a Twin Pro battery charger. This advanced, reputable charging device is entirely automated. Unlike a lot of systems, it specifically supplies the optimum cost whenever. This raises golf cart battery life by a minimum of one-fifth. You will not need to change or even charge the batteries as frequently.

Golf Cart Driving Operation

Make sure to turn off the custom golf cart when not in use. Just like mobile phones, the longer they’re left turned on, the greater chance that the battery will be fully discharged. You might need to jump-start a gas-powered cart if this takes place. Keep in mind to turn off the lights, radio and also various other devices when you’re done using it. Don’t leave the key, remove it before you leave the cart.

The way you drive also creates an impact on your golf cart’s battery life. To prolong its life, prevent high hillsides and do not bring unneeded things. Your guests must not go beyond the automobile’s suggested weight capability.

Battery Maintenance

Bear in mind to clean your golf cart batteries and also examine the water degree monthly. It’s important to avoid damages by eliminating rust from the battery terminals. When sprinkling batteries, utilize pure water as well as take note of the water degree markings. You could automate this procedure by utilizing a battery watering system.

Replacement Battery

If you comply with all these pointers, your golf cart battery needs to last a minimum of 5 years. There’s also a possibility that you can drive longer distances in between charging.

When your golf cart‘s battery stops working, make sure to reuse it as well as acquire a high-quality replacement. Devices with high amp capabilities generally last much longer.

With longer battery life, you can make the most out of your golf cart. If you haven’t got one yet, you can call Best Golf Cars for a wide range of brand-new and used golf cart and accessories.

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