golf cartYour golf cart is a significant investment. Some golf carts are priced just like a regular car and it’s only natural to want to maintain it to make sure that it looks great and its lifespan is maximized. Whether you drive your golf cart only during warmer seasons or all year round, here are a few important tips you need to know about golf cart maintenance.

Golf Cart Maintenance: Taking Care Of Your Golf Cart Tires

You probably have a good idea as to how to apply tire cleaners on the tires of your car’s sidewalls then the same goes with golf cart tires. Hot or cold seasons can cause the rubber in the tires of your golf cart to be cracked or dried out. Tires that have damaged or cracked sidewalls are at risk of deflation and could rupture, which could lead to a dangerous situation.

Be careful about the type of tire protectant that you use on your custom golf cart tires. Solvents, oils, and silicones, are the ingredients that the most common protectants contain. A protectant contains these ingredients it if it slippery and they could harm the whole tire surface. Ask the experts if you wish to know what is the best repairing and restoring protectant to use to restore your custom golf cart to an almost brand new condition.

Evaluate the condition of your golf cart tires and look for sufficient tread and proper inflation.

Cleaning Your Golf Cart Battery

If you have an electric golf cart or only depends on a starting battery, it is crucial to maintain the golf cart batteries. As time passes by, batteries become dirty and corrode, which would have an effect on the power that’s being transferred by the terminals in the battery. Regular upkeep of the battery terminals will extend the lifespan of the battery and make sure that your golf cart runs efficiently.

Begin by wiping any debris or grease from the golf cart battery. Use a battery terminal cleaner to get rid of any corrosion on the terminals of the battery cable. In case you are concerned about the output, you should test the golf cart battery using a hydrometer to check out the water levels in the cell.

Golf Cart Wash and Protect

Just like any vehicle, golf carts need regular cleaning and correct surface maintenance. Getting rid of built up debris and dirt and protecting the surfaces from ultraviolet rays as well as harsh climates is important to keep the new and shiny appearance of the golf cart.

You should wash your custom golf cart using water and car wash soap as well as a soft tipped brush. Keep in mind to wash and then rinse the golf cart’s underbody, where corrosion and dirt could easily accumulate.

Restore the faded and dull plastics as well as gel coat and stop the new surfaces from fading. One application should last for a whole year.

Golf Cart Enclosures

If the temperature is sweltering or chilly, golf cart enclosures can make the elements much more bearable and let you use your custom golf cart all year round.

In case you don’t have any enclosure yet, you’ll find many of these in the market today. Myrtle Beach golf cart enclosures help protect your golf cart’s interior like the floor mat, seat cushions, and the dashboard while giving you and your passengers a comfortable ride.

You can use soap and water to get rid of dirt and dust from your golf cart enclosures.

Golf Cart Seating Cushions

Golf cart seat cushions suffer a lot of wear and tear because passengers always get in and out of your custom golf cart. Tears and cracks may start to happen after extended use. Clean and maintain the seat cushions by wiping it down using a protective moisturizer that’s made for marine grade vinyl. Dry seats are prone to cracking and tearing.

In case your golf cart seats have already faded or cracked, or perhaps they are already in poor condition, it may be the perfect time to have them changed. Replacing the seat cushions of your golf cart has some benefits. If you purchase top quality seat cushions, you’ll enjoy the following advantages:

  • Add comfort with supportive and upgraded cushions.
  • Match rear and front seat cushions perfectly.
  • Upgrade the golf cart seat cushions using UV resistant and marine grade vinyl.
  • Using custom color seat cushions so you can customize your golf cart.

Cleaning the Winshield of The Golf Cart

Although most golf carts don’t travel at high speeds, grime and bugs could still accumulate on the windshield of your golf cart. They also collect dust and pollen spreading on the course and all throughout your neighbourhood. It’s crucial to clean the windshields regularly and apply some polish and protectant. Getting rid of minor scratches would boost vision through the windshield and make it look like brand new. Know what kind of materials is used to make the windshield so that you can choose the right cleaner. Avoid using traditional glass cleaner.

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