golf cartAre you planning to upgrade your golf cart so you can make the most out of it and enjoy it whenever you need it? There are several ways to customize your golf cart. You can boost the speed of your cart, upgrade your tires, install appealing lights, and add more seating.

Golf Cart Upgrades

Bigger Tires

Most golf carts have what they often refer to as street tires. They are 8 inches big and are great for asphalt and other paved surfaces. Street tires are less powerful and smaller but they are not as versatile as the bigger tires. A bigger tire set like those that are 12 inches big lets you drive through tougher terrains because of its deeper tread. This provides you with more ground to select from and several other options for you and your golf cart. Additionally, larger tires look cooler than smaller ones.

More Speed

Would you like to have more speed? There are several simple ways to upgrade your golf cart Myrtle Beach to so it runs faster. Upgrading the battery voltage to 48 from 36 is an excellent way to boost your speed. You may also need a new golf cart speed controller that can handle the new voltage and which will let you allow your cart to run faster while providing you with more control over the acceleration. You can also upgrade the golf cart engine if you want more speed. These modifications will not just boost the speed but also improve the torque.

Light Installation

One of the good things when owning a golf cart is that you can take it for a ride whenever you want, even at night. If you do so, don’t you think having LED lights will make your cart look cooler and helps you see the road well, too. You can pick from different kids and they provide the underbody of the golf cart a neon glow. The lights will make your trip more fun and safer. So be sure to consider installing taillights, headlights, and LED spot lights and light bars, too. The laws for golf cart driving at night differ from one county to another so make sure that you know what your local laws are before taking the custom golf cart out at night.

Add More Seats

Because many golf carts do not have extra seating at the rear, the addition of rear seats is a wonderful method of bringing more people. There are different kids that can make your golf cart a party on the go. The additional seating will look really great and lets more passengers to ride along with you. It will also make the cart much more functional. Just flip the back and it will serve as a mini flat bed that will help you haul as well as bring anything like boxes, wood, gardening tools, or other items that you’d like to bring.

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