golf cart maintenanceYour golf cart is a significant investment. A few golf carts costs as much as regular vehicles, so it’s only natural to maintain it regularly so it is kept looking beautiful and also to extend its life. If you drive your golf cart all the time or only during the summer season, here are some golf cart maintenance tips you need to know.

Caring For Your Golf Cart Tire

Some principles used in applying different tire cleaners on the tires sidewalls of your regular car tires. The weather, may it be cold or hot, could lead to the drying up and cracking of the rubber in the tires of the golf cart. Tires with cracked or damaged sidewalls are at risk of deflating and might rupture, which may lead to a risky situation.

Be cautious about the type of tire protectant that you use on the tires of your golf cart. The most common ones are oils, silicones, and solvents. In case the protectant is slippery, it has these harmful ingredients that may harm the tire surface. You should evaluate the condition of the tires of the golf cart for to check for the appropriate inflation as well as sufficient tread.

Golf Cart Battery Cleaning

If your golf cat is electric or only depends on a starting battery, golf cart maintenance Myrtle Beach of the batteries is essential. As time goes by, batteries corrode and they become filthy which could affect the power transferred by the battery terminals. Maintaining the battery terminals regularly will help extend the life of the battery and it will help keep your golf cart functioning optimally.

Begin by wiping grease or debris from the battery. Remove any rust on the cable terminals by using the battery terminal cleaner. In case you are concerned about battery output, you should test out the golf cart batteries using a hydrometer to check the cell’s water level.

Golf Cart Wash and Protect

Just like other vehicles, golf carts also require routine cleaning and appropriate surface maintenance. Getting rid of build up debris and dirt as well as protecting surfaces from harsh climates and UV rays is needed for keeping the new and shiny appearance of your golf cart.

Use car wash soap and water to clean your golf. Don’t forget to wash and rinse the golf cart’s underbody, where corrosion and dirt could easily accumulate. Restore the dull and faded plastics as well as gel coat using the appropriate product. This will also help prevent fading from new surfaces. Only a single application is needed every year.

Golf Cart Enclosures

Whether it’s hot or cold, golf cart enclosures help make the elements bearable and let you use your golf cart all year round. You can wash your golf cart enclosure using mild soap and water to get rid of dirt and dust.

Golf Cart Seat Cushion

The seat cushion of a golf cart is one of the most abused part of a golf cart. Tears and cracks may start to appear if you don’t take care of it properly. Wipe it using a protective moisturizer that’s made for marine grade vinyl. Once the seats have dried out, they will start to tear and crack. In case your seats have already cracked or faded, you have to consider getting a replacement.

Golf Cart Windshield Cleaning

Although most custom golf carts don’t operate at high speeds, bugs and grime could still collect on your golf cart windshields. Golf cart windshields collect dust and pollen that circulate around the course and the neighbourhood. It’s important to apply windshield protectant and polish. Get rid of minor scratches to improve vision through the windshield and make it look like almost brand new.

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