custom golf cartResidents of Myrtle Beach have been seeing the continuous increase of custom golf carts in many neighborhoods. And as the months go by, people are noticing more unique modifications not only to serve the different purposes of golf carts but also to the satisfaction of the owners.

There are various reasons why a golf cart owner would opt to modify his cart. Some want their golf carts to be more convenient and comfortable; thus, they have safety upgrades installed on their carts. These may include covers, luggage area, and personalized rearview mirrors. Others simply want to have a highly unique cart that they can be proud of. Many want to customize their carts with the colors of their Alma Mater or favorite sports team. Others go for a beach theme.

What important upgrades should you have on your custom golf cart?

Although golf cart owners are free to choose which upgrades they want to be added to their golf carts, there are some important ones that should be prioritized. This is especially true if you want your cart to be street legal, which basically means you can use your cart in your neighborhood.

Keep in mind that while the use of golf carts is allowed in communities and cities in South Carolina, there are several municipalities that implement strict requirements in using golf carts along streets and major highways. Before you spend your money and time in planning for the modifications of your golf cart, you might want to check with your local community or home owners association for any requirements regarding golf cart use.

Generally, custom golf carts that are allowed to be used in local neighborhoods and streets should be electric and should have the following safety features:

  • Seat belts
  • Turn signals
  • Brake lights
  • Headlights
  • Windshield wipers

In addition to these, owners will also need to obtain insurance and state registration for their golf carts before using them on the streets. Another important requirement to follow is that it should only have a maximum speed limit of 25 mph.

Who buys custom golf carts?

According to many golf cart retailer and sellers, their most common buyers are babyboomers. This is primarily because of the convenience a golf cart brings to seniors, allowing them to get around town and neighborhoods safely. Plus, golf carts are fairly easy to manage, use and maintain. And they can even have fun customizing their carts based on their personality and needs and favorite sports team.

Aside from babyboomers, golf carts seem to be a popular option among people who have recently retired or are looking for an easy and convenient mode of transportation while vacationing in Myrtle Beach. The environment-friendly aspect offered by owning a golf cart adds to its appeal to buyers. Because custom golf cars are powered by electricity, users and owners will not have to worry about going to the gas station every once in a while or stressing over the increase of gas prices.

Another aspect that buyers are looking at is the way a golf cart brings the family together and allows them to enjoy their surroundings at a much slower pace, which is most true when driving to and from the beach or park.

Beyond custom golf carts in Myrtle Beach

The popularity and convenience of golf carts has reached other states and cities beyond Myrtle Beach. They are not only seen in many vacation hot spots but also in other places where they can serve a purpose.

If you are looking to buy your custom golf car, contact Best Golf Cars and let them help you find the best and most suitable golf cart for your needs.

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