golf cart maintenanceThere has been a lot of technological advancements in almost every aspect of golf. That’s why it’s no longer surprising that this vehicle is no longer seen as a box like buggy that crawls at a snail’s pace. Today, golf carts have a hip and modern appeal.

For a few golf facilities, the golf carts driven up and down the fairway are famous attractions just like the golf course. With cool colours, stylish and comfortable seats, Bluetooth capabilities, audio speakers, and USB ports, today’s golf cart is a significant investment for any golf facility.

Maintaining golf carts especially when you have lots of them is more important than ever. Regular golf maintenance is required to make sure that they run smoothly. However, the specifics depend on the power source, frequency of use, and the model.

Golf Cart Maintenance Tips


Make sure that the golf cart is in good condition. This is important if you’re running a golf cart facility and you wish to offer high quality services at all times. Keep in mind that golf cart maintenance is cheaper than what you need to spend to repair these vehicles because they weren’t properly cared for.

Golf carts need new filters, belts, plugs, and oil. These things must be done at least once a month if the golf carts are used moderately or regularly. Knowing the problems that are indicated by an unusual sound, weird smell, or small leak, is crucial in dealing with any major problem right away. You must get in touch with an expert in golf cart maintenance to check on these issues as soon as you notice them and to check the clutch of each vehicle at least once a year. Bigger issues in this part may lead to expensive repairs that may have been avoided if proper golf cart maintenance Myrtle Beach was done.


Golf cart batteries are different from vehicles that are powered by gas and electricity. Electric golf carts uses deep cycle batteries while gas golf carts use automotive batteries. They may have certain things in common but they also possess differences especially on their design. A gas cart battery is designed to provide power to the starter, starts the engine, and recharges the battery so it could power up the accessories as well the golf cart itself once it’s used again. Batteries must be kept clean to prevent corrosion and they must be set tightly while in motion.

Electric golf cart maintenance includes charging the battery after every use and to always check the water levels every week. You should use distilled water and make sure to avoid overspilling. The batteries of an electric cart must be drained and then recharged again. They spend more power when the vehicle accelerates.


When you’re using your golf cart or visitors are using one on a hilly golf course, it’s important to make sure that the brakes work well. It’s crucial to go through a golf cart maintenance checklist of components that must be checked at least twice a month to make sure that the vehicles function properly.


Seasonal facilities often have an offsite storage, which allows annual golf cart maintenance to take place without having any effect on the golf course or the golfers. It’s the perfect time to rectify small issues before they turn into expensive major repair work.

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