golf cartGolf cart maintenance should not be exhausting and stressful. It should be easy and fun. Remember that you are doing this not only to keep your golf car in tip-top shape. You are also doing this to extend the lifespan of your golf car as well as to ensure your safety when using the golf car. Keeping it in an efficient condition will prevent sudden problems and failures in the middle of driving the golf car.

Most experts will agree that the key to effectively maintaining golf cars is the frequency and consistency of your maintenance. It is highly recommended if you regularly do inspections and clean your golf cars. This will help prevent problems from occurring when you are a member of the family is using the golf car.

Below are some basic golf cart maintenance tasks that you should do regularly to ensure that your golf cart is in tip-top condition.

  1. The best way to clean the windshield of your golf car is to wash it using your garden hose with a cleaner that is specifically made for golf car windshields. Use a cotton cloth to wipe it dry.
  2. If you have just bought your golf car, it is highly recommended that refrain from applying wax on the paint for at least 3 months. This will give the paint enough time to cure and fully adhere to the golf car. Additionally, the use of stickers and decals is strongly discouraged as these may cause the paint to discolor.
  3. As part of your weekly golf cart maintenance routine, ensure the pressure on your golf car tires is 30psi. Using your golf cars with tires that do not have the right pressure may damage the tires and cause you to replace them earlier than necessary.
  4. Most seat covers that are used in golf cars are highly resistant to water damage. If they do get wet, however, you will have to moisten all areas of the seat cover to prevent water lines.
  5. If you have a gasoline golf car, do not panic if it smells hot for the first couple of months after you bought it. This is normal because the golf cart is still new and, thus, tight. The smell will fade after you using the golf cart for a couple of months.
  6. Check the oil level of your gasoline golf car regularly. Do this at least once a week or more if you use your golf cart more frequently. Add more oil to ensure it is at the right level.
  7. Charge your electric golf cars before and after use. Do not panic if the charger and cord feel hot to the touch when charging. This is normal and should not be a cause for concern.
  8. Check the level of water in the batteries before charging your electric golf cart. The water in the batteries should be covering the plates when you charge the golf cart. Make sure it is at the right level. Keep in mind that charging a golf cart with low water in the batteries may cause damage not only to the battery but to the entire golf cart as well.

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