refurbished golf cartSelling refurbished golf carts or reconditioned vehicles is a common activity among golf cart deals. They could dismantle the golf cart and take out its parts like the engine, and chassis, for instance and then rebuild it with brand new wheels, tires, seats, and body. This will make it look like it’s brand new but is priced at a fraction of the cost of a new golf cart. Because of this, consumers find refurbished golf carts as a good buy.

What some people do not know is that a lot of golf carts that are marketed as refurbished are golf carts that were used on golf courses for years being thrashed and then worn out. Then, dealer will buy them and improve their appearance. But what you don’t know is that the components of the golf carts are about to give up. Having said that, there are many excellent refurbished golf cart deals in the market today. You just have to know what you have to consider and look when purchasing one.

Buying A Refurbished Golf Cart

The Level of Refurbishment

The first thing you have to thinking about when purchasing a refurbished golf cart is that in most cases, these custom golf cart dealers have made their vehicles look like brand new. So, even if they look really good, you still have to inspect the golf cart’s level of refurbishment. Check the cart thoroughly before purchasing. Lift the seats and look at the controller, batteries, motor or engine aside from getting a closer look at the suspension and chassis, too.

For batteries, make sure that you determine the age of the cart. There are suspicious dealers who spray paint the chassis and the suspension so the cart will look like brand new. Do all that you can to see as much of the Myrtle Beach golf cart as possible before buying will result in to an educated decision after you make your purchase.

The Hours On The Unit

Fortunately, most much newer golf carts come with an hour meter that will tell you a number of hours, which are on the cart you would like to buy. The majority of golf carts go by number of hours that are on the vehicle instead of a number of miles. Such units are made for golf courses, and that means their hours of operation must be tracked. In case a dealer will claim that they cannot look at the unit’s hours, it’s either they don’t have the right tools to check or don’t want to reveal the number of hours it’s been used for on the golf course. It is better to get a golf cart that has less hours.

Certified Golf Cart Dealer

The majority of the golf cart dealers you may have heard off comes from America. The most popular brands for refurbished golf cart include EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha. They have authorized dealers across the nation and are commonly in or close to your town.

Find a Golf Cart Dealer In Your Area

This can help make it easier for you to search for and find a dealer near you that can service your golf cart. But, always be careful of dealers that are not certified for the kind of refurbished golf cart unit that you want to purchase. They might have access to the components but this doesn’t mean that they’ll respect the warranty in the future. So, be sure to ask your neighbors and your friends about their opinions and be sure that they’ve had their cart for several years before you decide to purchase from an uncertified dealer.

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