custom golf cart Myrtle BeachGolf carts have come a long way than just being seen on the 18th hole. Today, golf carts are also spotted at the seaside parking area, at your neighborhood general store or at manufacturing plants. More than its use, gold carts have also experienced improvement from its white boring look. These custom golf carts are rapidly becoming the favored transport alternative with several custom-made functions.

Today’s golf carts have become the vehicle of choice when bigger cars could not be used. Golf carts can be purchased new, refurbished or rented. When you decide to get a used golf cart, you can then have it customized in a number of ways.

Things To Consider When Buying a Golf Cart

Gas or Electric

Before purchasing a golf cart, you need to decide whether you want it to run on gas or electric engine. Gas golf carts are noisier, needs more maintenance and some states in the country do not allow its use. Nonetheless, they have a lot more horse power and can run longer on a solitary storage tank of gas compared to the typical battery. Gas run golf carts are also suitable for rough surfaces.

The electric powered cars are cheaper to run and are better for the location. Nevertheless, they should be recharged after a complete day of use. These types of carts do not have the capacity to tow something.

Golf Cart Body

What kind of body do you want it to have? From dimension to color, there is a range of selections that you can choose from. It is better to talk with your dealer to find out the best options for your needs.

Do you intend to have an attached windshield? Your answer to this will depend on your location. However, if you are opting for a custom-made cart, this is a fantastic attribute.

 Golf Cart Accessories

lRadio: If you love music, this would be a great function to add

lSeat Material: Tailor your cart by choosing natural leather or a special material. You can choose to have it in white or have a logo embroidered in the seat.

lFronts lights: If you frequently drive at night, then this is important. Try to find out if fronts lights are needed in your location. Numerous custom golf carts Myrtle Beach have side and rear-view mirrors included so drivers have far better exposure.

Custom golf carts have become more than just for playing golf, it has developed more specialized uses. Aside from that, gold carts have undergone major physical changes, which can benefit the owner.

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