refurbished golf carsWhether you are a golfer and would like to use your own cart or you would like a vehicle for running to the neighbors, beach or local market, you might look into used refurbished golf carts since they will ultimately save you money in the end. There are many choices when it comes to purchasing used, and some pitfalls to stay clear of, but owning your own cart does create a sense of pride.

Where To Buy Refurbished Golf Carts

There are a few options to purchasing refurbished golf carts Myrtle Beach, the first and perhaps the best is via a used model. When Best Golf Cars refurbishes a cart, it means they scrutinize it, clean it, and fix any major repairs it may need. Additionally, if the tires are worn, they will replace these as well. Granted, the more repairs or additions they make to the cart, the more they charge you. However, in the end, they give a short warranty typically up to three months, depending on the cart and dealership.

The second option is purchasing from an individual. This can actually work out well if you truly know what to look for when looking at used custom golf carts. If you are not, perhaps you know someone that is mechanically inclined to take with you when you look at the cart. Keep in mind; you will not obtain a warranty, and if anything goes wrong, you are responsible, even if it is the next day. Of course, we all want to think everyone is straightforward when selling a product, we unfortunately, know that is not always the case. A benefit of buying from an individual is you will know how old the cart is, how long they have had it, and any repairs they may have done.

Your last option is purchasing it from a dealer as is, meaning they did not inspect it and did no repairs to it. They cannot tell you the history of the cart, so you are buying in the dark. If you decide on the “as is” method, choose to buy from a reputable dealer such as Best Golf Cars, while this does not guarantee the cart is any better, most dealerships rely on reputation and word of mouth and do not want to sell something that is going to die the next day.

When purchasing used gold carts, there is also an option of electric or gas-powered. Sometimes it is simply a personal choice since both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Keep in mind, buying a used golf cart is not like buying a used car, obviously, you are not going to drive the car to work or run to the store in it. These carts only go about 25 miles an hour and are simple mechanically compared to an automobile. Tires are an item that wears out on these, but again, when replacing the tires, it is cheaper than automobile tires.

If you have made up your mind in buying refurbished and pre-owned carts, the next thing to do is to know where to buy them. Best Golf Cars has been serving the Myrtle Beach area for over 35 years. We have a reputation of selling the very best to local residence. We also provide golf cart rentals to vacationers.

Visit one of our two showrooms to see a complete inventory of new and refurbished golf carts.

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