golf carts Myrtle BeachA golf cart is a significant investment and the purchase process can be intense. At Best Golf Cars, we aim to simplify your experience and offer you with different options so you could make the most informed and the best choice. We offer different golf carts, from new to refurbished variations. If you’re wondering about the differences between a new, used, and refurbished golf cart, then read on.

New Golf Carts

New golf carts are delivered to us directly from the manufacturers. They contain all of the latest features of modern golf carts. These may include the most recent battery technology, electrical features, sleeker design, and lighter construction materials.

New golf carts come with a full warranty from the manufacturer on every aspect of the cart. If you are interested in getting a golf cart that comes with the latest features and a bumper to bumper warranty then a new golf cart should be your first choice.

Reconditioned Golf Carts

Reconditioned golf carts also come directly from the manufacturers, just like new golf carts. Well trained and highly skilled factory technicians take apart every remanufactured golf cart to its chassis and check every part of the system. The cars will then be refreshed, undergo test driving, and given a new serial number, which says that it passed the durability and quality test of the manufacturer. This will make sure that your refurbished golf cart is in great condition and you will enjoy a peace of mind knowing that it comes with a batter and bumper to bumper warranty.

Used Golf Carts

Used golf carts are the cheapest option for any prospective golf cart owner. Used golf carts are obtained from past owners through purchases or trade ins. These golf carts range in different features such as seating and age.

Purchasing a used golf cart is just like purchasing a used golf cart. A used golf cart dealer, will inspect the cart’s quality but will not offer any warranty.


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