golf Cars Myrtle BeachVacation rental golf carts in Myrtle Beach are no longer solely used for golfing. They are now being used for a wide range of non-golf related activities including hunting, camping, visiting neighbors, and beach trekking. Indeed, vacationers and residents alike have different needs for their golf carts, which could include traveling longer distances. Often, golf carts are vacationers’ primary mode of transportation to get around the city, visit beaches, parks, and trails.

Considering this, many vacationers need to make sure they are renting safe golf carts. If you are one of these vacationers, here are some tips to ensure your vacation rental golf carts are safe and can travel the distance and speed you need.

Vacation Rental Golf Carts Safety Tips

  1. The gear ratio is lower than the average

For a cart to go faster you need a lower gear ratio. The standard gear ratio for golf carts is 12.5:1. If the cart you are renting has a lower gear ratio, say 6:1, it will run faster. Carts with this gear ratio are usually 12-14 mph faster than ordinary golf carts.

A lower gear ratio will get you places faster, but are they safe? One thing you should remember when renting golf carts with a lower gear ratio is that it is not advisable to be used in hilly areas and when you carry heavy loads. Thus, if you are going to primarily use the golf cart for running errands throughout the city, especially when doing groceries or shopping as part of your vacation, you might want to pass up renting golf carts with a lower gear ratio.

  1. There is an increased rate-per-minute

Vacation rental golf carts with an increased rpm generally run faster than other types of golf carts. If you cannot find a golf cart rental that has an increased rpm, ask the rental agency if you are allowed to tinker with the cart to make it go faster for your needs. The easiest golf cart to tinker with and increase the rpm is the electric golf cart.

You can change the motor to a speed motor which often has higher rpm. This will make your golf cart run faster. You could also consider increasing the voltage of the electric golf cart to increase its speed. For this, you will need to rent a golf cart that has a motor that is rated for a range of voltages so you can safely increase the voltage and make the cart run faster without worrying about damaging other parts of the golf cart.

  1. Uses larger tires

Golf carts with larger tires generally run faster than those with smaller tires. Be mindful, however, that running golf carts with large tires require more power. Thus, for an electric golf cart, you will need to upgrade the electronic speed controller. For a gas powered golf cart, you need to upgrade the clutch.

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