golf carts Myrtle BeachThe ever popular North Carolina summer is here and that means high temps, sweltering heat, and intense humidity. During this season, you take care of yourself by wearing sunglasses, applying sunscreen, and making sure that you’re hydrated during the hot summer season. However, did you know that you also need to pay close attention to your golf carts Myrtle Beach  during this time of the year?

Regardless of how you use your golf carts Myrtle Beach, there are steps you need to take so you can make sure that it remains in tip top shape throughout summer.

Maintaining Your Golf Carts During Summer

Schedule Regular Golf Cart Maintenance

A lot of problems happen with golf carts but many of them can be prevented or at least get caught early by having regular maintenance on your golf cart. The start of summer is the perfect time to schedule your golf cart maintenance and have things such as your suspension, steering, as well as the wiring inspected.

Check The Tires

The fluctuations in temperature could cause the tires’ air pressure to rise and then fall and you can’t predict it. It’s a perfect practice to inspect your tires weekly or so because low air pressure as well as high temps could cause tire blow out.

Cover Your Golf Cart

Apart from poor weather conditions, your vacation golf carts is also exposed to various elements particularly the sun, could cause damage to your golf cart. You need to keep your cart covered or in the shade to protect the vehicle’s paint job, since direct sunlight could cause the paint to fade. Another method to protect the paint job of your golf cart is to make sure that it is washed, cleaned, and waxed from time to time.

Clean The Batteries

You need to keep the connection between your golf cart and your batteries in top shape, so you need to keep things in that specific area as clean as possible. Be sure that you inspect for grass, dirt, as well as other debris that could compromise the connection. You must also inspect for corrosion and in case you find some, you have to disconnect your batteries before you clean it off with a paste that is made of baking soda and water.

Check The Battery Water Levels

Hot summer temperatures mean evaporation rates are faster. You have to check the battery’s water level at least once a month especially during the summer season. In case the water levels are much lower than the lead plates within the battery, you have to fill them up. Be sure to charge the batteries fully well before you add any water. When charged, you should add distilled water until the water level is one fourth to one half inch above the lead plates.

Check The Brakes

Apart from regular golf cart maintenance, you must check the brakes a few times throughout the year. Be sure that the pads are in tip top shape and your cables, drums, as well as brake pedal clean. If you are worried regarding the brakes’ health or are noticing strange movements or sounds, you need to seek out an expert right away.

Check The Oil

Your oil levels must also be in good shape. It they are not if you find excess oil on the outside of the golf cart, then you may have a problem with oil leak. Low oil could lead to serious damage to your golf cart so you need to take care of it right away.

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