custom golf cartsPeople who spend money on their custom golf cars should also consider installing safety features to keep them safe and secure. No one wants their money to go down the drain because of losing their golf car. Thus, many golf car owners are continuously looking for ways to lock their carts. This is especially true for those owners who use their golf carts in campgrounds and other public sites and attractions.

Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your custom golf car safe and secured. You can choose to install one or a couple of security features on your golf car to effectively prevent theft and vandalism of your golf cart.

Golf Cart Features

1. Unique key switch – You should know that golf carts of the same brand often use the same generic key. Thus, anyone can have the same key that you use to operate your cart. If you bought a used golf cart, you can increase its security by installing a unique key switch as part of your next modification. Unique key switches are inexpensive and are often offered to first time golf cart owners to provide a unique key option for the cart which may have the same key as with other golf cars of the same brand.

You can ask your Myrtle Beach custom golf cart dealer for a unique key switch feature if you are buying a brand new cart. On the other hand, if you are purchasing a used cart, you can have it modified to include this feature.

2. Key pad lock – This type of lock works the same as any other type of key pad lock. You need to key in the right key code sequence to unlock the cart and operate it. Golf car body repair and specialists will wire the electronic key pad into your cart’s electrical system. This effectively adds another layer of security to your cart before it can be operated. Thus, even after inserting the key, it will not start if you do not key in the right code.

3. Manual disconnect switch – Aside from a unique key switch and electronic key pad lock, you should also consider installing a manual disconnect switch as protection to your golf cart. This is most common among electrical custom golf cars as it is often installed in the battery bank. What this particular type of switch does is it cuts the flow of power from the battery to your golf cart. Thus, when the manual disconnect switch is turned on, your golf cart will not receive power from the battery and will not operate.

Experts highly recommend placing this switch in areas of your golf cart that are difficult to find. This will ensure that only you know where this switch is and only you can turn it off. You can also consider installing a switch with a padlock as an added layer of security and protection.

4. Security system – This type of lock works with a key fob. Golf cart specialists will install your chosen security system and connect it to your cart’s control circuit in the ignition system. You can only unlock the security system using the key fob. Without it, you will not be able to start and operate your golf cart even if you have the right key.

5. Pedal lock – As the name implies, this lock is placed on your golf cart’s accelerator pedal. You place it on the accelerator pedal to keep it in an upright position. With this in place, the accelerator pedal cannot be pressed down and your golf cart will not be able to move.

6. Steering wheel club – This works similarly with ordinary steering wheel clubs used in many cars. There are different variations of this type of security to your golf cart. Basically, however, it works by locking your golf cart steering wheel in a position where it prevents your cart from being driven.

There are many other security features that you can install on custom golf cart. For professional assistance in choosing the most suitable one for your cart, give Best Golf Cars a call today.

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