Golf Cart Insurance Myrtle BeachGolf Carts are generally not main modes of transportation but they can add convenience and can take you anywhere on the greens or around your residential community or even to the beach.

Is insurance needed for a recreational Golf Cart?

There are some states where Golf Cart insurance is required. For example, if you are living in Arizona State and you own a golf cart, there is a special law, under which you need insurance while using the cart off the road, while in other states it might not be needed. Hence keep a check on the laws of your state to determine whether insurance is needed in your residential state or not.

In Myrtle Beach, golf cart owners are required to obtain a decal from the Department of Motor Transportation and prove they have liability insurance on the cart. Check with your local golf cart dealer to find out what applies in your area.

If you are living in a state where insurance is made obligatory there is no way you can avoid it. With insurance on your assets you will be much more relaxed and enjoy the true spirit of the golf game or letting your teenagers ride around the neighborhood. There can be any potential threat to your golf cart and if it is insured it will bring a peace of mind to you.

There is also a misconception that home and car insurance can cover golf carts as well, indeed, your home or car insurance policy might not be able to protect the golf cart you own. To make sure you need to check out the policy for standard homeowners with your insurance agent.   Sometimes there is a bit of coverage in homeowner policies for the golf carts as well. On the other hand auto insurance does NOT cover golf cart insurance for you. It depends greatly on the insurer as to what sort of coverage is available for the golf cart you own and the coverage policy is variable in depending on your location. In some areas, it is needed to have a specific insurance policy for your golf cart. The insurance agencies might also present some policies, which are meant and especially designed for the golf carts.

What Does Golf Cart Insurance Cover?

Some main coverage’s you are likely to find in the insurance policy for your golf cart are:

  • The property damage liability coverage which may help you pay for repairing the damage if you are found legally responsible for an accident.
  • Bodily damage liability coverage helps you in case another person is hurt in the accident.
  • Collision coverage might help in the repair of your own cart if damaged.
  • Comprehensive coverage may help you in case of theft, fire or any other mishap.

You must always ask the questions to your golf cart insurance provider regarding the coverage policy and its terms and conditions. Coverage limits of any insurance are extremely important and it is always important to acknowledge how much maximum your insurance can provide.

Questions for Agent:

  • In case of any damage, how must I pay?
  • Availability of discounts if any.
  • The extent of medical liability coverage
  • Is the insurance company reputed well in paying the claims fairly? The customer service reputation of an insurance company is key.
  • How to file and settle a claim?

Best Golf Cars cares about our customer’s safety. Be sure and check with your insurance agent and make sure you are properly covered.

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