golf cartsSummer is just around the corner. With the extreme outdoor temperatures on its way, you might we wondering if there is something special that you need to do to take care of your golf cart Myrtle Beach in the summer heat.

Yes. Listed below are a few golf cart maintenance tips to care for your custom golf cart and extend its life.

Golf Cart Maintenance Tips

Check The Tires

Regardless of what season it is, you need to keep an eye on your tires. Make sure that the air pressure in the tires at the recommended level. The level varies based on the kind of tires that you have on your custom golf cart . Don’t forget to check the owner’s manual or contact your local dealer. You don’t want to end up with a huge problem when your golf cart has low tire pressure as you use it during extreme heat. If you are out on the street, driving the golf cart and the tire suddenly blows, it could be dangerous not only for you but also for those who are around you.

Take Good Care of Your Golf Cart Battery

Whether you own an electric or gas golf cart, you should take good care of your golf cart battery. This golf cart maintenance tip will help prolong the life of your golf cart. The summer heat could evaporate the water inside the batteries much faster than during cooler months. So be sure to check the water level regularly.

In case you have to fill the battery with more water, be sure to charge it first. You also have to use distilled water only because other sources might have minerals that are bad for the health of your battery.

Protect The Paint

Although the thought that your golf cart will get a sunburn may seem very silly, exposing it to too much sunlight can cause its paint to fade and shrivel. You most likely have seen old vehicles with an eroded top paint and the paint on the hood. This is caused by too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays. You should wash and wax your custom golf cart occasionally. This golf cart maintenance tip will help protect the paint by getting rid of dirt and impurities and adding a protective layer that will deflect the sun’s rays and keep its effects on the paint to a minimum. You can also store your golf cart in a garage or under the shade when not being used.

Warm weather allows us to do our favorite outdoor activities while spending time with friends and family. So make sure that you enjoy the season by making sure that your golf cart is in tip top shape. Follow these easy golf cart maintenance tips and you are good to go.

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