custom golf cartWhen temperatures reach the nineties every day, it won’t be easy to convince yourself to spend time outdoors. Nobody would blame you if you would rather stay inside your home where it’s cool. But could you really ignore the amazing weather that’s just calling you to get out and have fun. In case you do, here are a few things you need to remember when it comes to safety when driving your custom golf cart during these extremely hot days.

Safety Tips To Avoid Overheating While Driving Your Custom Golf Cart

Don’t Forget To Hydrate

This seems like an easy thing to do. But you’ll realize that it can be quite hard to remember that you should bring extra water bottles with you. You also need to remember that water that has warmed up after being exposed for some time in the sun won’t cool and refresh the way that cold water can.

It’s better if you bring a cooler in your custom golf cart Myrtle Beach. Don’t drink soda, energy drinks, or sweet tea. If you opt for these drinks, you’ll end up feeling more dehydrated. It’s better if you stick to water and plenty of ice.

Dress For The Weather

With new options for athletic and performance clothing emerging every day, you do not have to depend on basic cotton tees that could be uncomfortable when you have been out and you’ve got a bit of exercise. Choose moisture wicking shirts that are made from special fabrics that help to cool the body. You’ll find this kind of shirt in almost all clothing store.

Bring A Towel

Don’t forget to bring a dry towel and place it in a waterproof bag. Put the bag inside the cooler together with your ice and water. So, if you start to heat up, your towel would feel cool but not wet and soggy.

Stick To Dawn and Dusk

It’s better if you go out earlier or later. There’s a good reason why golf games tend to begin early and finish up by noon. Golfers who go out early can make the most out of the cooler temperature and take a break during lunch when it becomes really hot. Even if you are not a morning person, you can still enjoy a good game of golf later in the afternoon when the temperature has started to cool down as the sun sets. If you choose this method, make sure to bring a bug repellent with you, since mosquitoes are far more active during this times of day.

Custom Golf Cart Accessories

Aside from having a cooler for your custom golf cart, you also need to have a specially designed fans and enclosures that could help keep the air moving to make you feel cooler and to keep the sun off your skin.

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