golf cartMaybe the only thing that is worse than shanking a seven iron is to have your golf cart surrender the ghost on number 12. You are just beginning to get your rhythm and now, nothing is happening when you’re depressing the pedal. Golf carts, just like swings, need care and attention. Here are five important things that you can do to make sure that you keep your round moving to a great score.

Never Go Cheap When Buying A Battery Charger

You need a battery charger that will automatically turn off the juice once the cart is fully charged. Batteries that are overcharged is as bad a battery that is undercharged. Purchase a good one and it’ll give you an automatic refresher charge whenever your custom golf cart isn’t being used but still plugged in. With that, you’ll be ready whenever you are. The majority of golf cart manufacturers generally have chargers that are top quality.

Keep It Clean

For better battery hygiene, you have to brush your battery terminals at least once each month using a solution that contains baking soda and water. This will keep corrosion at bay and you have to protect your eyes from the battery acid. That corrosion is going to be toxic. While you are at it, you should spray the cables using a non corrosion solution that will keep gunk and rust off those important connections. If you do this, it will be clean it dry, just the way you want your swing to be.

Don’t Drive Too Far

In case you hit it straight down always, you will not use that much battery juice. But, if you can get that dream you will be ready for the tour wherein they do not use custom golf carts. If you are like others who hit things all over the place, then you’ll be using a lot of juice over 18 holes. The general rule is for you to charge between eight to 10 hours, even if the cart was just used for a very short time. In case you charge overnight, the quality charger that you purchased will turn things off automatically once the full charge is done, so you don’t have to worry about overcharging.

Water The Batteries

Once you are done with your round, the battery may require a drink just like you. It doesn’t want vodka but batteries love distilled water. Inspect the holes of every cell and be sure that the water is at least ¼ inch above its plates. You need to check more often at its ¼ level but when you go to ½ inch you will see more acid accumulate on the battery tops. All your battery to dry and don’t use it just yet. Don’t forget to fill the cells once it is fully charged.

Use The Golf Cart

Your golf cart Myrtle Beach wants to play just like you do. Improve the performance of your battery by charging them every after a golf round. Give them a shot of juice between 45 and 60 days and if it is hot, do it more frequently.

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