custom golf cartsBuying a new or used custom golf cart is an exciting experience. But which option is better? Just like a regular vehicle, both used and new custom golf carts have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some things to remember when looking for a golf cart include taking your time, doing your research, and asking a lot of questions. This can help you determine what will suit your needs, whether it’s a new or refurbished golf cart. Both are wonderful options. But it depends on your preferences and what you want your golf cart to have.

Buying Used A Custom Golf Cart

Purchasing used custom golf carts offers a lot of benefits.

Lower price – first of all, used or refurbished golf carts are cheaper than new ones. You can save a lot of cash purchasing used golf carts. Even if they’re cheaper, you can still find used custom golf carts that are still in good condition.

History and inspection – custom golf carts last for a long time. But before you purchase one, make sure to find out as much as you can about its maintenance history. You have to make sure that the used golf cart you purchase is well taken care of. In case you’re purchasing an electric golf cart, you need to know the age of the batteries and check if they’ve been properly maintained. You should also ask if the golf cart has been stored well. Check its past ownership. Inspect the golf cart. You can do this yourself or bring an expert with you in case you’re not familiar with golf carts. Take it for a test drive and be wary of noises and leak. Generally speaking, used golf carts don’t have warranties so be sure to check to make sure that you’re getting the best deal.

Used accessories – a used golf cart comes with quality accessories and parts at a much affordable price. Many of these parts haven’t been changed in the past years. They’re the same parts that you’ll get on a brand new golf cart, but at a much better overall price.

Buying New A Custom Golf Cart

Warranty – when purchasing a new custom golf cart, they usually have a warranty, either from the dealer or the manufacturer. This will protect you in case something goes wrong. It’s one of the major perks of buying a new custom golf cart.

Customization – if you purchase a new golf cart, you can choose the accessories and special features.

Shop for the best price – brand new golf carts are more expensive compared to used ones. You should compare prices and shop around so you can get the best price. If you’re a new buyer and you want to secure the best deal, you have to ask questions, find out as much as you can about the dealer, and check their online reviews.

History – a brand new golf cart doesn’t have any previous owner. Therefore, it has no history of accidents or maintenance. The three major golf cart brands are Club Car, EZ-GO and Yamaha.

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