golf cartsAccording to the latest studies, over 60% of the vehicles in the United States travel less than 15 miles per day and almost half of the drivers travel less than 5 miles away from their houses. With the prices of gas increasing every day and air pollution getting worse by the minute due to gas emissions, a golf car is the most eco-friendly mode of transportation out there. With all of the golf cart accessories that are available, golf carts could be one of the trendiest, environmentally friendly, and stylish vehicles on the road.

Golf carts Myrtle Beach are used in several university campuses where they move goods, equipment, and even people. They are even used in cases of medical emergencies. They can also be used in quiet communities, or even at large sports events by the staff, and of course, by golfers or golf courses. Several golf carts are bought by disabled individuals who like the higher speed as well as safety of golf carts when compared to power wheelchairs.

Why Buy Golf Carts

Driving a custom golf cart is very economical. It costs just one cent per 10 miles if you operate one that is powered by electricity. It is also ten times more affordable to repair and maintain compared to a regular car. But, not many car giants are ready to join the golf cart market, as they believe that there is currently less demand for golf carts.

Still, an increasing number of neighbourhoods, like those in resort places or in areas that are surrounded by golf courses, prefer golf carts to go to malls, schools, movie theatres, as well as restaurants without the need to ride on the highway. Golf carts could also be used on university campuses, on specified paths and streets. Golf carts, provided that it has the appropriate license, could travel on the roads as well with a speed limit of 35mph.

Golf carts have been introduced during the 1950s and later on became famous thanks to golf visionaries like Billy Dolan. With custom golf carts, golf has evolved much like the game. More efficient, smaller, and well designed golf carts with nice stylish accessories like custom seats and wheels, lift kits as well as programmable speed control, golf carts are becoming much safer every year.

As a vehicle, golf carts could have three or four wheels. They could be powered by internal combustion or electric motors. The most popular golf carts manufacturers include Club Car, Cushman, Daihatsu, and etc.

One of the most popular golf cart accessories these days are the lift kids that will add clearance to your golf cart that help with reaching rocky places as well as bumpy roads. Several lift kits have off-road tires that could be used on the custom golf cart, which makes it a rough tiny off road beast.

Another famous accessory for golf carts which are in-demand during cold seasons is the rain curtain. They could be snapped to the frame of the vehicle so that it would sit permanently on the body of the car or they could be clipped to the car using hooks and then be removed during the warmer seasons.

Several golf cart accessories do nothing more than just add flare to the vehicle. If you want to add a stylish touch to your custom golf cart, you should consider getting an aluminium pedal kits or custom steering wheels.

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