This weekend the temperatures will drop and we may even see snow! It is important to completely prepare your golf cart for long-term storage, and is definitely a must for both Electric and Gas-powered Golf Cars. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when storing your prized asset during an extended amount of time.

  1. Keep your golf cart in a cool and dry place. When stored in the ideal environment with a cool atmosphere, batteries will self-discharge significantly slower compared to batteries that tend to quickly discharge when the car is set in a warm location.
  2. See to it that all Preventative Maintenance procedures your golf cart requires are implemented. Inflate tires properly and perform all the necessary semi-annual lubrications that must take place.
  3. Disconnect Battery Cables. Start off with the negative cable first before disconnecting the positive cable.
  4. Ensure that the battery is clean. Do so by washing the tops and terminals of your car’s batteries with an acid neutralizer. This can be easily achieved through concocting a baking soda and water solution. Simply mix 1 cup of baking soda per 1 gallon of water). Make certain that it is thoroughly rinsed off and allowed to fully dry. Use a Battery Terminal Protector Spray to coat and treat the battery terminal connections.
  5. Do not engage the park brake. Though there’s no need to do it, make certain that your golf car is secured from rolling.
  6. For the engine, you should remove the spark plug, then pour 1/2 ounce of SAE 10 weight oil into it by means of the spark plug hole. Rotate the engine’s crankshaft a couple of times by hand and then have the spark plug reinstalled.
  7. Set the forward/reverse handle in “neutral” position, while the neutral lockout cam should be set in the “maintenance” position.
  8. The fuel shut-off valve should be set to the closed or “off” position. Run the engine at this point until all the fuel remaining in the carburetor is depleted and nothing is left visible in the fuel lines, where the engine evidently stalls. Now, turn the key switch into its “off” position then remove the key itself. Lastly, return the neutral lockout cam to “operate” position.
  9. Do not remove the carburetor, but only loosen the drain screw to be able to fully drain the remaining fuel into a small, clean container. Next, pour the fuel you have gathered in the container into the vehicle’s fuel tank. Afterwards, make sure to tighten the drain screw of your carburetor.
  10. Seal your car’s fuel tank. Do this by disconnecting the fuel vent line first which is attached to the tank vend barb or nipple. Next, plug in the fuel tank vent nipple such that it is air tight, which can be best achieved by utilizing a slip-on vinyl cap.

Note: Refer to your Owner’s Manual or Maintenance and Service Manual for winter storage procedures and general maintenance which contains detailed information.

For best results, call us to have your golf car serviced before storing it for a long period.

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