golf cartIn areas of the country that are prone to snow, avid golf players dread the cold that the winter season brings. For others who can’t enjoy golfing all throughout the year, it is crucial to take the needed steps to ensure that their golfing equipment are all set for the first clear day once spring comes and this includes golf carts. Winterizing your golf cart for the off season is important when it comes to preventing expensive repairs and make your first round of the new year as enjoyable as possible.

Preparing the Golf Cart Battery For Storage

  • The regular maintenance of your golf cart batteries during the off season will help make sure that your custom golf cart is all set to run once the time comes, however, neglecting to care for them will leave you with a golf cart that cannot make it out of your garage, what more if it’s 18 holes.
  • Begin by moving the golf cart to where it will be stored. In case you plan on keeping it outside or in an area that is semi enclosed and still exposed to the elements, make sure that you protect the car using a secure golf cart Myrtle Beach cover when you have finished the initial winterizing maintenance.
  • Leave the reverse/forward switch in the neutral position.
  • Depending on your custom golf cart, it may have a maintenance/run or a tow/run switch. Check your user manual in case you are not sure. Flip the switch to maintenance or tow to decrease the battery drain and decrease the fire hazard as well as the risk of the car starting unexpectedly.
  • Make sure that the golf cart battery is fully charged and don’t forget to water it with distilled water. Check the instructions from the golf cart battery manufacturer to guarantee appropriate charging as well as water practices are always followed.
  • Inspect the terminals as well as the cords for signs of corrosion and damage. It’s possible for corrosion to be found on the batteries that have lots of use in them so do not resign yourself to a battery replacement once you see it. Clean the batteries using baking soda and water before storing it.
  • Once the initial maintenance is done and you have stored the custom golf cart, you need to check the batteries as well as its water level at least once a month while it is not being used. A depleted electrolyte or battery levels that fall way too low might not charge once spring comes, and it will leave you with a golf cart that you won’t be able to use. You must also do another round of maintenance and cleaning before trying to start the golf cart after storing it.

Other Important Things To Do Before Long Term Storage of The Golf Cart

  • Never engage the parking brake but make sure that you secure the golf cart from rolling.
  • Inspect the compartments and get rid of any perishable and all belongings in case the golf cart is not stored in a secure place.
  • Inspect the tire pressure and reinflate them when necessary.
  • Clean the upholstery and the flooring.
  • Get rid of the keys and store them in a memorable and safe location.
  • With the appropriate care and maintenance, your golf cart will be all set to go once the weather allows you to break out your golf clubs once again.

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