golf cartGolf as a sport was first introduced in 1940, to make it possible for players with specials needs to move around the golf course. Years ago, many golf players preferred to stroll for their golf balls from the tees to the fairways in order to take advantage of the complete exercise that might be stemmed from playing this sport.

However with increasingly more individuals brought in to playing golf, making use of golf carts have increased. These vehicles intended for fairways enabled faster games as well as hassle-free transportation of golf clubs. Today, according to the National Golf Foundation mechanized golf carts are currently utilized in two-thirds of all 18-hole rounds.

Golf Cart Safety Guidelines

Although there has been an increased usage of golf carts Myrtle Beach, concerns on golf cart safety have also increased. Similar to other vehicles, golf carts can also cause serious injuries and crashes, if not used properly.

In response to the safety concerns, Golf Course Superintendent Association of America (GCSAA) has recommended numerous policies for the secure use of golf carts. One GCSAA pointer is extremely basic: run golf carts just from the vehicle driver’s side. No joyriding or flaunting, this is dangerous and goes against the rules in a fairway.

Another way to improve safety of your golf cart rental is to the number restrict guests within the seating capacity. Most of the carts do not have a safety belt, so guests should be seated comfortably before starting the golf cart.

To add more security, drivers and guest need to keep their whole body inside the golf cart while it is moving. As an example, a hanging foot in a cleated footwear might quickly get stuck in the ground which can lead to a sprained ankle or injured foot. Arm or legs extended outside the golf cart might likewise get snagged by tree branches.

A safe golf cart motorist should slow down with turns and be constantly on guard for any kind of approaching traffic, whether pedestrian or an another golf cart.

Golf cart security and security preventative measures should start the moment you are seated and extends until you are on full stop. The brakes need to be set and keys should be removed when not in use. Similar to other vehicles, golf carts should not be operated by people who consumed alcohol.

Before buying or renting a golf cart, one must be aware of the safety and security guidelines to ensure a more enjoyable golf game.

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