Myrtle Beach Golf CartsIf you are currently decorating for Halloween, why not decorate your custom golf cars as well? Aside from being a great decoration and accessory to your house, you can also use your golf car to go around the neighborhood as you and the rest of the family go trick or treating. Or if a lot of the families in your neighborhood own a golf cart, organize a Halloween golf cart parade!

Decorating Your Golf Cart For Halloween

It is still not too late to decorate your golf cars. Here are some quick and easy suggestions:

  1. Place ghouls and goblins anywhere in the golf car.
  2. Cover the sides of the golf car with cardboard to turn it into a funeral vehicle.
  3. Put fake cobwebs around the golf car and some skeletons and bones on top of the cart.
  4. Cover your golf car with white tulle and pieces of ripped black stockings and spiders for effect.
  5. Or if you already have custom golf cars, be proud to showcase your modified golf car. And the only accessory that it needs is you and your kids with your scary or cute Halloween costumes.
  6. Gather everyone in your street and start your own parade. Even those without golf cars can join. You can even make this your neighborhood’s yearly tradition.

In addition to decorating you golf cars for the Halloween season, it is also important to ensure that your golf cars are safe to be used. Keep in mind that you will be driving with your kids when you use your golf cars for trick and treating. Thus, you need to ensure that your golf cars are in tip-top condition. Here are some of the key things that you should check in order to properly prepare your golf cars.

  1. Check your brake lights and turn signals.

They should be working properly especially since you will be using your custom golf cars at night as you trick and treat with the rest of the family. You want your golf car to be visible at night with its brake lights and turn signals.

  1. Your golf car should have safety reflectors such as the slow moving vehicle triangle.

Keep in mind that you will be likely staying out late as you go around your neighborhood during Halloween. Thus, it is important that you have these safety reflectors on your golf cars. Make sure they are clean and clearly visible as well.

  1. Charge your batteries to ensure a continuous trip.

You do not want to spoil your evening by having to charge your batteries every now and then as you go around your neighborhood. To avoid this, check your batteries a day before you will be using the cart. Make sure it is fully charged before you use it and that all battery cables are tight and secure. Replace damaged and worn out cables at once.

  1. Install safety belts in your golf car.

Remember that you are riding with kids and even if you are following the speed limit for golf cars in your neighborhood, it is still necessary to install safety belts for the safety of everyone inside the golf car.

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