golf cartIt is crucial to know when you need to start your summer golf cart maintenance because this will help make sure that your vehicle runs all summer long.

Watering the Golf Cart Batteries

Brand new batteries need only a little bit of water at first. But with constant use, you’ll have to water it every other month. During summer, you need to check your batteries at least once a week. The extreme weather and humidity will evaporate water at a much faster rate compared to cooler months. Golf batteries will take longer to reach a full charge as it gets older and this means you have to use more water frequently.

To make sure that you effectively and correctly fill your golf cart battery, here are a few steps that you can follow.

Summer Golf Cart Maintenance Tips

  1. Check the fill wells by opening the vent caps. The top of the plats is the solution’s minimum level.
  2. Charge the battery and the recheck the electrolyte level.
  3. Add distilled water. The batteries of any electric vehicle may use as much as 16 quarts of water throughout their lives. Don’t use non-distilled water because this will lead to mineral buildup that could have a negative effect on its lifespan and performance.
  4. Clean the vent caps before you replace them.
  5. Secure them in place tightly.

Answers To Common Questions About Summer Golf Cart Maintenance

Undercharging – leaving your custom golf cart inactive for more than 2 months will cut down its battery life. Always operating the battery in what they call a partial state of charge, leaving the golf cart battery in a discharged state could lead to the buildup of lead sulfate compounds on the plates.

Sulfate – the performance of the battery will be reduced by sulphating and it may also result in premature battery failure.

Overcharging – if you always overcharge the battery of your golf cart Myrtle Beach, it will lead to accelerated corrosion of its positive plates, too much water consumption, and in some instances, damaging the lead acid battery’s temperature. You should charge deep cycle batteries after every discharge of over 50% of its rate capacity, and after storing it for at least 30 days.

Underwatering – water will be lost when charging a deep cycle lead acid battery. In case the electrolyte level falls below the top part of the plates, irreparable damage may take place because the plates will become hot. It will crack and warp, which will leave the battery inefficient and weak. Water levels must be maintained and checked on a regular basis.

Overwatering – watering the battery excessively can lead to electrolyte dilution, overflow, decreased battery performance, as well as unneeded maintenance that can lead to a damaged floor.

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