Golf Cart Myrtle BeachOne of the most important aspects of golf cart maintenance is taking care of your battery. For electric golf carts, the battery is considered as the heart and main part of the vehicle. This is why most of the maintenance is focused on the battery. Unfortunately, not all golf cart owners know how to efficiently take care of their carts’ batteries.

Common Maintenance Mistakes By Golf Cart Owners

Below is a list of the common mistakes that many golf cart owners do when maintaining and taking care of their golf cart batteries.

  1. Refilling discharged batteries- What most golf cart maintenance checklists often recommend is charging your batteries before refilling it. It is important to make sure that your golf cart battery is fully charged before you add water. The primary reason for this is because a fully charged battery will show its water in the full state. This gives you an accurate measurement of how much water you need to add to bring it to the right level.

If it is discharged, its water level will not be accurate. Thus, if you refill it when it is discharged, you will not know if you are adding more than you should. And when you finally charge the battery, the water will potentially overflow.

  1. Using tap water to refill batteries – Tap water often has a host of various minerals such as nickel, chloride, copper, and nitrate. These minerals have been found to damage golf cart batteries causing them to expire sooner. To avoid this from happening, use distilled water instead. Think of the extra money that you will spend in buying distilled water as an investment for your golf cart’s health and safety.
  1. Overfilling batteries – When you add too much water to your battery, it will cause the corrosive acid that it contains to overflow. Additionally, the battery’s electrolytes will be reduced, preventing it from functioning effectively and efficiently.
  1. Underwatering your golf cart batteries – Underwatering is basically the failure to add the right amount of water to bring it to the appropriate level according to many golf cart maintenance experts. If your battery lacks the right amount of water, it will fail to function efficiently. A more severe result of underwatering your batteries is when the battery plates dry out. This will cause major and irreversible damage to your battery. Thus, you will need to replace your battery more frequently. Whether you are in a hot or desert area, make sure you include in your daily or weekly golf cart maintenance routine checking of the water level in your batteries. This will allow you to stay one step ahead of potential damage to your batteries.

Note that the level of water in your golf cart batteries should be maintained at an appropriate level which is when the water covers the battery plates. When the battery has the right water level, it will be able to efficiently generate energy for you to operate and run your golf carts.

There are tools that you can use to more effectively maintain your batteries. Alternatively, you can also consider hiring golf cart maintenance experts to help you take care of your golf carts. Contact Best Golf Cars now to learn more.


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