golf cartsMaybe the only thing that is worse that shanking the seven iron into the fairway bunker is having your golf cart surrender the ghost on number 12. You are just beginning to get your rhythm and now, when you press the pedal, nothing is happening. Golf carts just like swings need care and attention. There are a few critical things that you can do to make sure that your round is moving towards a good score.

Invest On A Quality Battery Charger

You should get a battery charger that would automatically stop charging once the golf cart Myrtle Beach has been fully charged. Batteries that are overcharged as bad as batteries that have been undercharged. Purchase a good one and it will offer an automatic refresher charge if your custom golf cart is not being used but still connected. That way it would be ready whenever you are. The majority of golf cart manufacturers always provide top quality chargers.

It Must Be As Clean As A Putting Stroke

When it comes to efficient battery hygiene, you need to brush the terminals of the battery at least once every month using a solution that’s made of baking soda and water. This prevents corrosion however you will have to protect your eyes from the battery acid. That is toxic and while you are at it, spray it on the cables using a non-corrosion product make sure that gunk and rust are off those important connections. Follow this tip and your power will be clean and dry, just like how you want your swing to be.

Water The Batteries

If you finish your round, the battery may require just like you do. It may not be vodka but batteries like distilled water. Inspect the holes of every cell and be sure that the water is at least ¼ inch level, however, when you reach ½ inch you will get a lot more acid build up on the battery tops. Allow your battery to dry and you most likely won’t get to practice putting green.

Use Your Golf Carts

Your golf carts Myrtle Beach would like to have some fun as well. Batteries do much better if you are using them and then charging them after the round. You should at the very least provide them with a shot of juice every 50 days. Then if it is hot then you need to give it a shot of juice more frequently. During extreme heat, the cells could fail and then you will achieve nothing except for a bill for a brand new battery. You should also check the cable connections to make sure that everything is tight and to check the voltage. The lifespan of batteries is about six years, however, if you notice that your speed is decreasing, and you are finding the batteries drying right away, you might have to bite the bullet and buy new batteries.

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