golf cartsIf there is one thing that golf cart mechanics dislike the most, it is the noise or the intermittent “no go” golf cart issue.

Noise in a Golf Cart

A golf cart makes regular noises but it can also make unusual sounds. Before you conclude that your vehicle has a noise problem, you first need to ask yourself if it makes that noise all the time. Be very careful in answering this question because some may say always but in reality, the sound can also be heard 40% of the time.

There are other questions that you need to answer. For example, in case you hear a constant noise, you need to ask yourself if it happens on a certain speed or when turning? If yes, then does it happen when you make a left or a right turn?

Find out if the sound is coming from the front or back, left or right side. Even though this could be hard for the untrained ear, finding where the noise comes from will give your golf cart Myrtle Beach mechanic a specific spot to look into.

There are some custom golf carts that have known problem spots and in most cases, an experienced mechanic will know where to check when provided with the right information.

Intermittent “No Go” Golf Cart Problems

Starting with gas golf carts, the first thing you need to know is if the motor is turning over once the pedal is pressed.  If you hear the motor turning over, then the issue is with the motor. There are four things that a gasoline engine needs in order to operate. These are air, fuel, compression, and spark. Which among these are you missing?

If the motor doesn’t turn if you press the pedal then it’s safe to say that it’s electrical. Determining if it is an electrical issue is more difficult because it requires only a few components to get the gasoline engine in a custom golf cart to turn over.

When diagnosing the issue, try listening if you can hear the solenoid clicking. Once you hear it activate and the motor doesn’t turn over, then it’s with the power.

Things become more complicated is when the problem is an intermittent “no go” problem.

If your electrical golf cart has an intermittent issue then it’s most likely electric and it could be hard to determine which component isn’t functioning at each press of the pedal. Once again, try to listen if you can hear the solenoid click. In case you do, this would split the unit up and will make it easier to test and figure out which one is causing the problem. In case you hear nothing, then the problem could be related to anything that is related to what makes the cart function.

Always remember that if you hand over a broken custom golf cart to a mechanic, they will be able to tell you what’s wrong with the vehicle. But if you hand in over a golf cart that sometimes run and sometimes doesn’t then your mechanic may find it difficult to determine the issue. You need to tell your mechanic as much information as you can because it will help in diagnosing the problem.

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