Golf Cart Myrtle Beach SCIf you love playing golf, chances are you have seen how other players and golf fans within the golf course behave. Do you think they have what it takes to be good and respectful golf players? Just like in any other sport, there are certain rules to follow.These rules are developed for your own good. These rules and other golf cart etiquette are meant to keep you and your fellow players safe and secure.

If you’re new to playing golf and driving a golf cart, here are several rules and etiquette you should observe.

Observing Proper Golf Cart Etiquette

For Cart Safety and Security

You should always observe and read the warning signs printed in several golf carts regarding protecting yourself whenever you drive a cart which are:

  • Restricting usage to two passengers at a time
  • Always keep your hand and feet within the cart
  • Avoid going near tee boxes
  • Maintain a 30-feet distance from the green
  • Avoid driving near water hazards and bunkers
  • Lots of fairways do not permit golf carts on the fairway of a par-3 opening.

Some golf courses even have special guidelines designed for their place. One golf cart etiquette that every user should know is that the vehicle driver ought to wait up until the guest is seated prior to driving away. Just like regular road safety, drivers should drive carefully and never consume alcohol.

Be mindful of Other Golf Players

For your security as well as for the security of your passenger, do not drive the golf cart in front of other players. As a sign of politeness, do not drive onward or back up when a golf player is attending the ball.

Be Careful of The Lawn

Be careful in making sharp turns, or speeding up while in the golf cart and also taking an abrupt stop, as this could harm the lawn. This same rule also applies areas with standing water and muddy areas.

Observe the 90-Degree Regulation

If you have been playing golf for awhile now, you would be able to know the 90-degree rule. This is to always remain in the cart path whenever possible to secure the fairway grass. On some days, specifically, when the training course is damp, you might be asked to comply with the 90-degree guideline. Under this policy, carts are permitted on the fairway, however, they need to keep a 90-degree angle from the cart course. You need to take the cart path to a place that even with your ball, make an appropriate angle turn and also drive directly towards the ball. This policy might be applicable to some or all of the holes.

On days when the fairway calls for cart course just, you need to maintain the golf cart on the marked course and also off the turf.

Park It Behind You

As a sign of respect to the player behind you, it is traditional to drive the golf cart around the rear of the green prior to putting, or at the very least prior to getting in scores. This keeps the play at a speed because the following team will certainly not be required to wait while you clear up the location.

Etiquette n The Neighborhood

Christmas Golf CartChristmas is a time of year where locals love to decorate their golf carts and parade around the neighborhood or join in a Christmas parade. Here are a few rules to follow:

  • Make sure your decorations do not obstruct your view – both front and back.
  • If children are riding with you, explain that feet and hands must stay inside the cart at all times
  • Check with your HOA or local policing authority regarding the rules for your neighborhood.
  • Never drink and drive

All of us at Best Golf Cars wish you a very Merry and safe Christmas.

Owning a golf cart comes with certain rules and regulations, if you’re planning on purchasing new or used golf carts, you can call Best Golf Cars for a wide range of golf cart selections.

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