Golf players out for a Sunday game on the golf course or Myrtle Beach seniors taking a ride around their community simply take them for granted and never ever consider their origin. I am speaking about golf carts, those miniature automobiles populating golf links, retirement communities and vacation homes. However, golf cart (also known as golf cars) production is a very diversified industry and different styles and manufacturers are plentiful. Golf carts are made as small cars, and Best Golf Cars offers purchasing options such as leasing and financing choices the same as the major auto dealers do.

Golf stems from a Middle Ages game played on the coastline of Scotland in the 15th century. Golf enthusiasts would strike a pebble as opposed to a man made ball around the sand dunes using a stick or large club. As time passed, rocks were traded for synthetic spheres, the earliest which were slim leather bags packed with plumes. The modern day ball wasn’t created until 1848 and could be struck a maximum range of 225 yards. In 1899 rubber balls were manufactured that could get a distances of 430 yards if struck by a professional. Golf sticks evolved into meticulously heavy golf clubs, and also in the 1880’s using golf club bags ended up being fashionable. The caddie, a slave who carted all the golfers’ equipment around the fairway, was replaced in the early 1950’s with the introduction of the golf cart.

The first golf cart manufacturers were E-Z-Go, Pargo, Harley Davidson as well as Cushman. The expense was high for this period in time, $1,200, nevertheless as more suppliers entered the field it went down to $600, still a high cost for this period in inflationary terms. Club Car was introduced in 1958.

The 1st golf carts were gas-powered, however more recently the marketplace has moved to battery-operated vehicles. Best Golf Cars can customize a golf car much like automobiles, with lift kits and also ATV wheels are offered to golfers who desire to share their originality around the neighborhood. Golf cart dealers like Best Golf Cars, which focus on producing custom golf cars, or even miniaturized variations of complete sized cars, like the Humdinger (Humvee), tiny Jeep, Rolls-Royce, Cadillac or perhaps Mercedes-Benz.

Golf carts come in three types: hands-on push/pull carts, electrical motorized carts, as well as electric and even gas golf vehicles that hold passengers and equipment. Push/pull carts have 2 to 3 wheels as well as a vertical support to hold a golf bag. They are basically hand-operated dollies with clips as well as owners especially adjusted for golf gear, and sell for $50 to $100. Golf carts, which look like dune buggies in size, begin at about $2500 for a fundamental design.

Club Cars vivid history dates to 1958 and a Dallas, Texas-based business called Landreath Device, which produced some of the country’s first golf vehicles. In 1962, an Augusta businessman, Bill Stevens, acquired the four-year-old Texas business and moved it to Augusta, where he began operations with a handful of staff members. The business’s first new design was a golf automobile dubbed the “Caroche,” the word for a stylish French carriage. Yet the name didn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

However golf cars and trucks were starting to roll off Club Car’s new production line, as well as the business’s development brought in the interest of several suitors. In 1978 a group of 8 elderly execs and supervisors from Augusta-based E-Z-GO, the industry’s biggest golf car manufacturer at the time, with the financial support of a venture capital firm, acquired Club Cars.

The new proprietors’ very first move was a product extension into utility cars for the golf links. Initially this was just a golf cart with a utility box on the back.

In 1985, Club Car introduced the initial of its modern energy cars, the Carryall II. The Carryall II offered Club Vehicle a presence in the grass upkeep market that has actually remained to grow.

One Million Milestone

On March 9, 2001– “Club Car Day in Augusta,” as announced by the city’s mayor– the one millionth car rolled off the assembly line at the Club Car plant on Washington Road in Evans. As the last of the “original eight” financiers from 1978 still on the job, Randy Strozier was on board as the DS golf vehicle rolled down the ramp and his fellow partners supported.

On January 1, 2004, after almost five years of DS, Club Car introduced Precedent, a golf automobile that right away set a brand-new criterion for efficiency, styling as well as comfort. That same year, Club Cars and Trucks introduced the Carryall 294, the company’s entry in the 4×4 classification that included the industry’s very first on-demand 4×4 system.

Best Golf Cars open their doors in 1988 and is the only local Club Car dealer in the area. We recently introduced a new feature on our website to allow visitors to design they own custom golf cart.

Give us a call or stop by our showroom in Market Common or Enterprise Avenue to check out our current inventory of new and refurbished golf cars.

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