golf cartAre you having problems with your golf cart? It’s crucial to have your golf cart fixed by a trustworthy golf cart repair service whenever there’s an issue.

Until then, as experts in this industry, Best Golf Carts offer some basic repair tips to assist you in getting started. There are some basic golf cart problems that often come up throughout the lifespan of the golf cart. And, a few of them could even be checked or repaired at home.

Basic Golf Cart Repair Tips

The Battery

In case your golf cart Myrtle Beach is not starting, you need to check the battery first. If it is a gas powered golf cart then you should check the gas first. In case the battery is not charging, then you might need to replace or repair it. In case you see any leaking acid from the golf cart battery, then you have to get in touch with a golf cart repair professional who can take care of it properly.


Are the brakes slow to respond? If so, check the brake pads to make sure that they are thick enough to offer coverage. If you are not sure where to look then you should hire a trusted custom golf cart professional who can check the brakes.


Another crucial part of a custom golf cart maintenance routine is making sure that the tires are full. As time passes by, you will most likely be required to change the tires when they wear out. If you have a flat tire, it might be possible to temporarily fix it by patching but a full replacement must be done soon. Bring your golf cart to a repair shop in case the tires are flat or worn out.

Golf cart repair might appear like a simple DIY project because its engine is just small and there aren’t that many parts compared to a regular vehicle. But you have to think twice before you start disconnecting or replacing parts. It is best to bring it to reputable golf cart company that handles maintenance and repair.

Call Best Golf Cars now and let us help you with your golf cart related needs.

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