Difference Between Club Car and Other Golf Car Brands?

  • The exclusive aluminum frame is rustproof, corrosion resistant and requires no coating even in highly corrosive environments. Whereas a steel frame is subject to rust and corrosion from humidity and coastal environments.
  • Ladder style aluminum box which is an automotive style design provides superior strength and improves vehicle handling and ride. Other brands use a steel frame design which is coated on the outside only and is not protected from rust forming on the inside frame.
  • Aluminum is a lighter weight design which uses less energy, providing longer battery life and less wear on other components. A steel frame vehicle is heavier.

What is the difference between LSV and a Golf Car?

LSV (low speed vehicle) is the most reliable and cost effective vehicle in the industry. An LSV has been equipped to be street legal on all roads posted at 35 mph or less.

  • Much like your automobile, it is licensed and insured.
  • Top speed capability of 21 to 25 mph
  • May be driven day or night
  • LSV is a federally regulated vehicle requiring lights, seatbelts, brake lights, etc.

Golf Cars are not federally regulated in that there are no requirements for lights, seatbelts, etc.

  • Only driven in daylight hours
  • Only required to be insured and registered

What are the rules and regulations of a golf car?

These golf cart rules apply to South Carolina. Check with your local DMV for rules in your state.

  • You must be at least 16 years of age with a valid driver’s license.
  • Drivers are permitted to drive within 4 miles of their property on secondary roads during daylight hours only.
  • Drivers may cross primary roads at traffic light intersections and must obey all South Carolina traffic laws.
  • Golf cars are not permitted on the beach except at designated times.

Do I get a warranty?

Best Golf Cars offers the best warranties on new and refurbished golf cars.

  • One and two year on-site service plans for all new and refurbished golf carts that will continue to take care of your golf car.
  • Club Car lifetime warranty on all the aluminum frame Club Cars.
  • Best Golf Cars employs certified technicians and uses genuine parts and accessories.

Call or go online for your golf car quote – http://bestgolfcars.com//request-a-quote/

Charging and Battery Fill

How do you maintain batteries?

Batteries are open lead batteries requiring periodic checking of water levels and topping off. Distilled water is recommended over tap water.

How is the car charged?

The charger is fully automatic – turns on and off when completely charged.

Charger plugs into standard household outlet

How long does it take to charge?

That depends on how low the charge is based off usage. You can charge the golf cart as frequently you like.

Click here for other maintenance tips.

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