vacation golf cartsFor amateur golfers who have never tried to drive vacation golf carts before, knowing the correct etiquette is a crucial aspect of making a good impression. This holds true especially when you are playing golf with your coworkers or clients since appearing like you do not know what you are doing could affect your life at work or your business dealings. Because of this, you need to know a few things and the first one you have to do is ask about the country club’s rules about golf carts.

Rules To Follow When Driving Your Vacation Golf Carts

There are a few country clubs that have special rules regarding the place where golf cart rentals could be driven. For instance, several country clubs allow these vehicles to be driven on a designated pathway. So if this is the rule in your chosen country club, then you have to abide by it and drive your cart along the specified path until you’re parallel with the area where your golf ball has landed. Then you can get out of the cart and walk towards your ball so you can take your next shot. Make sure that you take with you’re a few golf clubs so you’ll have options when you get to your ball. If you don’t, then you may have to return to your car to change clubs, which could significantly slow down the game, something that could annoy other golfers.

The 90-Degree Rule

The 90 degree rule is another thing that you need to be aware of. In this case, you’ll be permitted to drive on the grass. However, it should only be at a 90 degree angle from the specified path for the cart. If this happens when you are golfing, you must drive until you reach the spot where you are parallel with the golf ball. You can then drive straight across the golf course’s fairway until you get to your ball. Several country clubs utilize this rule since it cuts back the amount of time that the golf cart Myrtle Beach will spend on the grass while making things much more convenient for golf players.

In certain scenarios, country clubs could impose a rule where holes are off limits. They will put up a sign that says something like the golf cart paths are only on holes 4 and 16 today. The primary reason behind this have something to do with ground repair or moisture. The grass surrounding the off limits holes might be overly wet for golf carts, or maybe there could be reseeding or repairs being done on the areas surrounding these holes. In case you see a sign similar to these in your country club, then be sure to follow the rules.

Regardless what kind of rule are set in place in your chosen country club, there are a few common sense rules that you have to follow. Drive golf carts just like how you drive a normal car. Always be careful at spots where bottlenecks always happen and at intersections. Furthermore, once you complete a hole, make sure that you get in the golf cart and drive to your next teeing ground before marking the scorecard. By doing so, you won’t be delaying the group that’s playing behind you.

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