golf cart rentalsA lot of golf courses are nearly four miles in length. Do you think you can walk that distance while carrying all your golf clubs? If you are like most golfers who do not walk a straight line from a tee to the green then walking won’t be a very good idea. Golf courses were played only on foot until the 1960s. During that time, golfers carry their own golf bags or place them behind a pull cart. Many golfers weren’t that fortunate to be able to play at country clubs where there were caddies that would carry the clubs of the golfers. However, golfers during those days still had to walk even if there were caddies that were carrying their golf clubs. Fortunately, there exist golf cart rentals nowadays.

What are golf cart rentals?

Considering its technical aspect, a golf cart is pulled behind you while a golf car has its own motor and can be driven like a regular car. These days, when somebody says golf cart, they’re no longer referring to the pull behind type. These carts or cars, if you prefer, are built with electric or gasoline motors, which can transport two golfers and their golf clubs around the golf course. Let’s use the term cart to refer to the vehicle used for transportation within a golf course.

Golf Cart Construction

The body, undercarriage, frame, as well as suspension of golf cart rentals Myrtle Beach are basically the same as that of the contemporary car. The golf cart controls are the same as the modern car since it also has an accelerator, steering wheel, and a brake. The rubber tires and the treads are made in a certain way that the golf cart could be driven on grass, except of course the green, without the risk of damaging the turf on the course. The accessories on the contemporary golf cart include straps that will secure the golf bags in place, a basket that can be used to carry coolers, balls, and towels; holes where extra golf tees can be placed, cup holders, as well as ball compartments. Golf carts are available in different shapes from the basic golf cart with the basic accessories to a custom golf cart that can be used for transportation in and out of a golf course.

If you are having problems getting around the golf course and your game has suffered as a result, then you should consider buying a golf cart. Most golf courses now provide golf cart rentals and a few only allows golfers to use theirs. So be sure to check with your favorite golf club to make sure that they will allow you to use your own golf cart before you purchase one.

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