custom golf cartIf you considering getting a custom golf cart, then one of the first things you take into account is its width. You should know how wide it is because your golf cart must fit into your garage and still have enough room once it’s stored inside.

In case you are in the market for a custom golf cart enclosure, then knowing the length and width would help you, too. Additionally, knowing the width could help you find the perfect size trailer for your custom golf cart.

How Wide Is A Golf Cart?

A regular golf cart is generally 4 feet wide, 6 feet high, and 8 feet long. This is for a two seater golf cart and the backseat, which folds over for your golf clubs, in case you plan to bring it to a golf course. An average golf cart weighs around 900 to 1000 pounds.

Of course, bigger golf carts have bigger dimensions. You’ll find golf carts that are as long as 12 feet, which are 4 feet longer than regular golf carts.

How Wide Should Your Trailer Be?

A standard custom golf cart is 4×8 and that means a trailer that’s 5×10 in size is fine. Generally, these kinds of trailers have a ramp like back that will allow you to drive up your golf cart into the trailer. Then, it’s easy to close the back and secure the cart in place. Don’t forget to strap down the golf cart tires so your custom golf cart won’t move around while you are going down the road.

Will A Custom Golf Cart Fit Inside A Truck Bed?

In case you have a regular golf cart and truck, then it would be able to fit in the truck bed snuggly. The only thing that you should worry is to get the cart into the truck’s bed. A lot of dealership will help you load the golf cart in your truck. However, you need to get ramps so you could get the golf cart out once you get home.

The simplest thing is to buy a set of ramps that comes with a high load capacity of about 1,500 pounds and you will be alright since the majority of golf carts range between 900 to 1,000 pounds.

Apart from the ramps, you also need to make sure that you have straps that you can use to tie down the custom golf cart Myrtle Beach in your track bed. Don’t forget to do this especially if you need to make sure that the tailgate is kept down while you are transporting the golf cart.

A lot of retirees who reside in bigger retirement homes would like to know the dimensions for their garage. Even though a garage size of 7×15 will do just fine, a lot of retirees end up wishing they had something much bigger. They eventually realize that they need to walk around the custom golf cart, they need to have a workshop, more room to move around, and more space where they can store other things in the garage.

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