golf cartGolf carts are popular on and off the golf course. They can be used for short trips and for drivers who are looking for a cheaper from of transportation. From taking a shopping trip to driving around a campground and to moving conference guests and hauling children to the ice cream shop, this understated mode of transportation could serve the daily needs of several drivers.

An increasing number of people have them than before, however shopping for this kind of vehicle is a bit of unfamiliar territory for many people. They are much more affordable compared to the conventional trucks and cars, more fun to use and easier and more cost effective to maintain. But, there remains different factors to take into account when searching for a private use golf cart that is most suitable for you.

Electric or Gas Golf Cart

Selecting between battery or gas powered golf cart that can be used for recreational purposes is a huge decision. Both have its own set of advantages and drawbacks. The choice would depend on your personal preference, intended uses, and available golf cart accessories. Remember that once it is yours, you may end up driving it much more often than you expect.

The benefit of electric custom golf carts is that you don’t have to concern yourself about fueling them. They provide a quite drive and come up with a logical choice for eco-conscious clients. Gas powered models require regular unleaded gas and they are noisier rides.

The primary benefit of electric models is if the batteries run out then you are stuck. A golf cart with good batteries could sustain up to two hours of continuous driving before you have to recharge it. Those who would like to have an option of driving for several hours need gas powered golf carts. This includes those who are fond of camping far away from sources of power.

How Do You Plan To Use The Golf Cart?

In certain areas where smaller communities or new gated communities are being built, uses for a custom golf cart for recreational purposes are soaring. Fortunately, there is a recent bill that was expanded and it allowed distance for private use golf carts on public roads from two up to four miles. This might not seem like a lot but for those in smaller neighbourhoods, it means people could use them to run their errands or simply use it to cruise around.

Owners with big properties drive them around their place while hunters drive them to locations that are more difficult to reach using a truck. The mileage you need per drive will also be affected by how much off road driving you wish to do.


Another good reason why a golf cart is popular is the minimal maintenance it needs. Just like a regular golf cart, gas powered golf carts Myrtle Beach require regular oil change and replacement of air filters and spark plugs. These components are cheap and it is something that you can learn to do all these yourself.

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