Buying refurbished golf carts can save a considerable amount of money – often around half of the price of a new cart. Many refurbished golf carts become available since golf clubs will often sell their golf carts to companies like Best Golf Cars that take the carts and rebuild them from the ground up.

Refurbished golf carts might come with new tires, cables and batteries, be cleaned or reupholstered and various other details depending on the refurbisher. Shop around and find out what is being offered for the prices. Price should be considered in the purchase of refurbished golf carts – the cheapest offer may not be the most reliable cart.  Ask about the process that is used when updating a golf cart. Do they just add a coat of paint and call it a day or is the golf car taken completely apart and rebuilt?

Warranty may also be a consideration of the purchase. Many local golf cart dealers will offer a warranty on a refurbished cart, though it may only be short, for example, 30 days.

Gas powered refurbished golf carts are harder to find nowadays than electric powered carts. This is because many of the golf clubs will only buy electric. However, unless you really need a gas powered one, this is a good thing, since electric are far more environmentally friendly!

If you are looking for an “exotic” style golf cart, like the HumVee, then buying refurbished might make one a lot more affordable since these sell for considerably more than the average golf cart. However, these are less suitable for the golf course but are great around your Myrtle Beach neighborhood.

An alternative to the refurbished golf carts is pre-owned or used golf carts. While this might sound like the same thing, a pre-owned cart will not have been refurbished but will have been checked over by a dealer for damage and obvious problems.  These are usually carts that are turned in for trade.

Best Golf Cars has a wide selected of new, used and refurbished golf carts. Stop in today and talk to one of our experienced sales staff.

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