golf cartAre you wondering why you should buy a golf cart instead of a UTV? Here are a few things you need to know.

Road Legal Use

You cannot compare golf carts Myrtle Beach to UTVs if you would like both of them to drive in public roads but you are residing in a state that lets golf carts only and not UTVs. But if you live in a place that allows both to be used on public roads then you can compare the two.

If you live in a state that permits golf carts and UTVs on the public road, then there are many reasons why you can compare them both. But if you don’t, then making this comparison doesn’t make sense.


If you are staying at a campground that permits golf carts and UTVs, then you must compare the two. However, if you stay at a traditional campground that only allows UTVs then you are wasting your time with your comparison.

Preference and Personality

UTVs are more superior than custom golf carts. But performance is not the only concern of end consumers. If the performance was the sole variable that people cared about when looking for a vehicle then everyone will have sports cars.

A golf cart is a vehicle that is ideal for simplicity and leisure. Meanwhile, a UTV is built for adrenaline and performance. A possible buyer that wants speed or a robust work vehicle then the best choice is a UTV. But if you have a relaxed personality and you need a vehicle that is suitable for light work then a golf cart is the perfect option.

Value and Price

If everyone valued things the same then you can compare UTVs and golf carts based on price alone. However, some value the former than the latter while others prefer golf carts than UTVs.

If you have no issue with money and you would like to own the coolest ride at the campground that only allows golf carts then you would value a golf cart more than a UTV. But if you want to have the coolest and fastest vehicle then a UTV is the best choice. A fully loaded may cost $25,000 and a fully loaded UTV may cost $50,000. It depends on which one you value more.

You need to carefully consider the different factors when you’re choosing between a UTV or a golf cart.

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