Golf carts have become a part of the lifestyle in Myrtle Beach. Today you’ll see them all over; families take them to the beach, the park, the grocery store, and to nearby destinations like their local ice cream shop. They are also utilized in a commercial context–you’ll see them at hotels and resorts, manufacturing plants, and out on the local farms.

Today’s golf carts are the perfect transportation choice because they are convenient, inexpensive, and fairly low-maintenance in comparison to automobiles. They can be bought new or used and then modified to meet your specifications. If you opt to purchase a used cart and then have it customized, then there are a number of things you will want to think about before buying.

Do you want a gas or electric powered cart? Gas carts are great for driving off-road and on irregular surfaces, and they can be used to pull and tow heavy objects because they have more horse power. Their engines can also be modified to run faster than electric cars. A single tank of gas can last up to 100 miles or more, whereas the average battery lasts twenty-five to thirty miles before needing to be recharged. If you plan to use the cart in a place where you won’t have regular access to an electrical outlet, like a campground, then a gas car is a better option for you.

Electric cars have low emissions and are very environmentally friendly. You’ll see people driving them around their housing developments and in retirement communities in Myrtle Beach, because they’re great for a quick trip to the pool and other amenities within the neighborhood. They are quieter than gas cars, and some communities require if you purchase one that it be an electric model.

Both gas and electric cars require some regular maintenance, it just differs. For gas cars this includes oil changes and tune ups, and changing out the spark plug every so often. Electric cars require you to water and fill the batteries, which will eventually require replacement after some years.

What type of body do you want it to have? From style to color, there are a variety of choices readily available. Speak with a service representative at Best Golf Cars to learn exactly what we have to offer. Used golf cars can be custom painted to match the colors of your alma mater or your favorite sports team.

Seat material – Tailor your cart by going with leather or another material. You could keep it basic, or go with a logo or other pattern. We can install custom upholstered seats to match your chosen theme.

Do you want a windshield? Do you need other optional safety features? Depending on where you live, this might be crucial. We can install any of the recommended safety features such as seatbelts, rearview and side mirrors, blinkers, headlights, etc.

What about a radio? We install bluetooth radios so you can jam out on your way to the beach.

The number of seats— Are four seats not enough to fit your whole family? We can stretch any golf cart into a limo-style 6 passenger with three rows of seating.

You can get a custom golf cart to meet all your needs.To get more information and pricing, speak to the pros at Best Golf Cars in Myrtle Beach. We’ll help get you into the perfect golf car today.

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