golf cartGolf carts have been around since the 1940s when they were introduced to allow disabled people to enjoy the golf course easily with their friends. They gradually became popular with other golfers and today have even developed a life of their own with many uses outside of the course.

Golf carts Myrtle Beach, although usually two seated, are built to carry from one to six people and come in electric or gas varieties. Electric is most popular today – it’s more environmentally friendly than the gas variety and is cleaner to run. Electric golf carts run from batteries which can be plugged into the mains to charge.

Basic Guide to Golf Carts

Gas golf carts may be more suited to the long trek, since a can of gas may be carried to refill if it runs out. However, many areas disapprove of gas powered carts and in some states, they are actually banned, so if you’re considering one of these it’s best to check on that first.

The custom golf cart has become a well loved and commonly seen vehicle. They’re used on farms, on movie sets, and in warehouses. In fact, pretty much any place where a small light vehicle could be of use. However, they are not allowed on main roads.

Some carts have appeared with four-wheel drive, looking more like an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Some have tipping platforms on the back for industrial usage. Many are sold for a particular usage, such as those for warehouses and come under the category of “utility golf cart”.

Trade in refurbished and pre-owned golf carts is big business. Many local golf carts dealers will be able to offer a good quality cart for around half the price of a new one. Refurbished carts will be slightly more expensive, will have had the electrics and engine checked over and may have reupholstered seating. A pre-owned one should be bought with the same type of care as buying a new car. Also, like a car, golf carts need regular maintenance and immediate attention should be paid to anything that seems “wrong”.

Fun and varied as they are, first and foremost golf carts are a motorized vehicle and should be driven with the same care and attention as any other.

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