golf cartsMore and more individuals are choosing custom golf cars over standard golf carts not only because of their enhanced appearance but more because of the added features and benefits. Customizing golf carts not only to make them look more unique but also to enable them to serve various purposes and functions.

Golf carts Myrtle Beach are now being used in a wide range of purposes aside from being the main transportation in golf courses. They are now being used to transport utility personnel to all parts of a large zoo, hotel or recreational spot. They are being used by tour guests and vacationers throughout the entire property of a vacation hot spot. They are the top choice for transportation of the elderly in many parts of the country. They are being used in hunting and doing daily errands such as grocery shopping.

Considering all these purposes, one will want to modify their golf carts to maximize their use and purpose. There are lots of accessories that you can consider installing to customize golf cars depending on the specific purpose you want it to serve. Listed below are the top accessories added to custom golf cars.

Golf Cart Accessories

  1. Advanced motors – These are often added to custom golf carts to increase their speed, especially if they are being used for travelling and transportation. Note, however, that there are speed limits for these types of vehicles in some cities and states. So you might want to determine the speed limit you are allowed to drive your golf cart in your area before deciding to upgrade its motor.
  2. Additional lights – You need to make your golf cart more visible if you plan to use it in along cars. Remember that golf cars should be treated as cars if they are to be used as a transportation vehicle. As such, you will need to install additional lights to ensure its safety and protection. Primarily, you will want to add taillights, headlights and turn signals. Remember that these are not only useful when driving your golf cars at night, they also make your golf car visible to other cars and vehicles when driving through a fog or during dusk or dawn.
  3. Windshields – While some golf cars already contain windshields, you may want to replace yours with a more advanced one to ensure maximum protection. Best Golf Cars can help you choose the most appropriate and cost effective windshield for your golf cart based on its primary purpose. Note that windshields prevent strong and cold winds from blasting at you and they can also prevent random debris from getting to your face and eyes.
  4. Camouflaged body – This is for those who are using their custom golf cars for hunting. This makes it easier to coast through clearings and forests without being easily noticed as you look for a hunting spot. You can opt to have your entire golf cart covered in camouflage to allow you to cover more ground and hunt more easily. Aside from the body, you can have a professional paint the seat, tires and steering wheel with camouflage.
  5. Body paint – Similarly with the normal car, you can opt to change the body color of your golf car. This will make it different from other cars in the area. Choosing a combination of two or more complementing paint colors to make your golf cart stand out more. You can also opt to have a unique design painted on the body, which is especially helpful if you are hiding a dent or scratch.

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