Golf Carts Myrtle BeachThe lowly golf cart is not simply a vehicle found on the eighteenth hole. No, today, a golf cart may be found at the beachside or local park, at your regional general store, at manufacturing plants or maybe out on the local farm, where it doubles as an animal herder. And, while one may generally consider them as a rather unexciting method of transport, they are fast ending up being favorite transport options, with lots of customized functions.

Today’s golf carts have ended up being the perfect transport choice since it can often go to places where a larger vehicle or truck would be cumbersome. They can be bought new or used and then updated to meet ones requirements. If opting to purchase a used cart then have it tailored, then there are a number of things you will want to think about, before making the decision to buy.

Do you want a gas or electric powered cart? Gas carts are noisier, require more maintenance and have been banned in some states; however, they have more horse power and can run longer on a single tank of gas than the average battery can last. They are also perfect for irregular surfaces and can even pull and tow. The battery powered carts are more economical to operate and are much better for the environment. Electric carts are often seen in retirement communities in Myrtle Beach and as vacation golf cart rental choices. Nevertheless, they must be recharged after a complete day of usage and do not generally have the capability to tow something.

What type of body do you want it to have? From size to color, there is a variety of choices readily available. Speak with your service representative at Best Golf Cars to learn exactly what offerings there are. Used golf cars can be painted to match the colors of your alumni or favorite sports team.

Do you wish to have an affixed windscreen? Depending on where you live, this might be crucial. If opting for a custom-made cart, this is a great feature.

What about a radio? If you are a music enthusiast, this would likewise be a great addition to your custom golf cart.

Seat material – Tailor your cart by going with leather or a specific material. You could keep it the basic white, or go with a logo or other pattern.

The number of seats? You can decide to have one seat, rear area with seats, or even an extra row of seats. The choice is yours.

Headlights – If you will be riding at night or where low visibility is an issue, these will be very important. You will also wish to find out if headlights are needed in your location.

Can you see? In addition to headlights, lots of custom-made golf carts have side and rear-view mirrors added so motorists have much better presence.

The golf cart – no longer is it only found parked near the 18th hole. Today, you can have a custom golf cart to meet your needs and specs.

To get more information about custom golf carts, speak to the pros at Best Golf Cars in Myrtle Beach, SC. They will more than happy to help you.

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