used golf cartMy family has owned a Club Car dealership since 1988, and we have experienced the evolution of the golf car industry firsthand over the years. Golf cars used to be simple in design, built to carry golfers and their equipment around a course. Today people are using them as personal transportation vehicles, and they have an endless amount of customizable features.

If you’re considering investing in a golf car, Best Golf Cars hopes this two-part checklist will make the buying experience a little easier for you. Here are some important questions to consider:

Is the Seller Factory-Authorized?

Buying your first golf car is an exciting experience, but it can be overwhelming with all of the options available today. Take some time to educate yourself before you decide where to make your purchase. There are many places to shop for a golf car in the Myrtle Beach area, but golf cart businesses aren’t regulated the same way the auto industry is. There are no “lemon laws,” and the absence of government policies allows sellers to promote their products any way they like. Most first-time buyers don’t realize that there is a distinction between a licensed golf car “dealer” and an independent golf car store.

Authorized dealers (for significant brands like Club Car) are directly affiliated with the manufacturer of their products. They are required to carry liability insurance, be financially stable, and adhere to the brand’s high standards. Their service technicians must be trained and factory certified. Authorized dealers can offer factory warranties and OEM parts that independent stores cannot provide.

Oftentimes golf cart stores won’t reveal all the necessary information to the unknowing buyer, and when an issue arises they seem to disappear. There are some independent stores that aren’t factory-authorized but have a good reputation, but you should always be on guard when dealing with a non-authorized seller.

Electric or Gas – Which Is The Better Choice?

rebuilt golf cartThere isn’t a clear-cut winner in regards to which type of golf car is “better;” it all depends on your needs and how you plan on using the car. Electric cars are typically the most popular option for individuals planning to use them as personal transportation vehicles, but in recent years there’s been an increase in the number of residential customers purchasing gas cars.

Electric cars are quieter, more environmentally friendly, and easier to maintain, but new advancements in engine technology (fuel-injection) have made gas cars a viable option for residential use now as well. Gas cars require regular maintenance like an automobile (changing the oil, spark plugs, fuel filter, etc.) and they are slightly more expensive initially, but they will save you the expense of purchasing new batteries every three to five years. If you’ll be using your golf car primarily in a place where an electrical outlet isn’t readily accessible, or you plan on traveling long distances between charge cycles, then a gas cart may be a better option for you.

How is a “Refurbished” Car Different From a Used Car?

It astonishes me how few buyers ask this question and fail to inquire about the rebuilding process. If they knew how many corners can be cut, I suspect they would be more likely to ask questions. Many golf cart stores refurbish pre-owned carts, but they all have a different process.

At Best Golf Cars our refurbished cars are completely rebuilt. We disassemble the car, acid wash the chassis, and then inspect and change out every part that is worn and does not meet manufacturer standards. The process to refurbish a golf cart the right way is detailed and time consuming. An authorized dealer like Best Golf Cars will disclose their process to a potential buyer and encourage you to ask questions.

There are some stores that only recondition the exterior of their used cars, leaving many essential parts untouched. Be wary of this type of store; their vehicles look brand new, but they have questionable price tags (if it seems too good to be true, it probably is). They may not offer warranties on their refurbished products. If they do offer a warranty, make sure you know exactly what parts it covers before you buy. Best Golf Cars offers warranties on all of their refurbished cars.

Remember to ask a lot of questions about the restoration process, and use caution when buying from a store that isn’t a factory-authorized golf car dealer.

We will continue to answer more questions in our next installment.

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